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Juliette Cortes is researcher at the University of Twente and PhD in water management from the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). Her PhD research was carried out in an intra-european set up in close cooperation with the Italian National Research Council, Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI, Padua, Italy).

As MSc and PhD student, she participated in two European Projects. The Project DIANE-CM which had two case studies one in Hamburg (Germany) and London (UK). The CHANGES project which had four European study areas in mountain areas. She particularly focused on the Fella Basin in the Northeastern Italian Alps (Friuli Venezia Giulia).

In Colombia, she prepared consultancy and construction proposals for engineering projects with the public and private sector. As field engineer, her tasks included the construction of minor river bank protections at critical locations along main national highways. She also attended one flood emergency in La Mojana, Magdalena (Colombia) where she interacted with local people as first responders.


  • May 2015 - date: Researcher at RiverCare Project, University of Twente. Sub-project G2 Knowledge base & communication
  • Oct 2011 – Oct 2014: Early Stage Researcher in the CHANGES Project. Marie Curie funding.
  • Apr 2007 - Sep 2009+Oct 2005 - Mar 2006: Project and Civil Engineer, Hidroconsulta Ltda. Bogota-Colombia.
  • Mar 2006 - Apr 2007: Project and Civil Engineer, Constructora Douquem Ltda. Bogota-Colombia.
  • Feb 2005 - Jun 2005: Student assistant of the Department of Hydraulics. Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Risk Management
Risk Management
Basin Management
River Basin
Functional Status
Meteorological Hazard
Geographic Information Systems
Risk Management
Decision Support
Land Use Planning
Geographical Information System
Spatial Planning



Her research interests are in the management and communication strategies of river systems. Her research activities have focused on supporting collaborative efforts and community based monitoring strategies using decision support systems that combined multi-criteria methods and fuzzy logic. She aims at applying user-centered design approaches for designing the required web-based tools in decision support.


de Haan, R. J., Cortes Arevalo, V. J., van der Voort, M. C., & Hulscher, S. J. M. H. (2018). Prototyping Virtual River. 76-77. Abstract from NCR Days 2018, Delft, Netherlands.
Mazzoleni, M., Cortes Arevalo, V. J., Wehn, U., Alfonso, L., Norbiato, D., Monego, M., ... Solomatine, D. P. (2018). Towards assimilation of crowdsourced observations for different levels of citizen engagement: the flood event of 2013 in the Bacchiglione catchment. Hydrology and earth system sciences discussions. DOI: 10.5194/hess-2017-59
Mazzoleni, M., Cortes Arevalo, V. J., Alfonso, L., Wehn, U., Norbiato, D., Monego, M., ... Solomatine, D. P. (2017). Effect of citizen engagement levels in flood forecasting by assimilating crowdsourced observations in hydrological models. Abstract from EGU General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria.
Other Contributions


  • Cortes Arevalo, V. J., Sterlacchini, S., Bogaard, T., Junier, S. and van de Giesen, N. (in press) Decision support method to systematically evaluate first level inspections on the functional status of check dams, Struct. Infrastruct. Eng.
  • Aye, Z. C., Sprague, T., Cortes Arevalo, V. J., Prenger-Berninghoff, K., Jaboyedoff, M., & Derron, M. H. (2016). A collaborative (web-GIS) framework based on observations of three case studies in Europe for risk management of hydro-meteorological hazards. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 15(March), 10–23. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijdrr.2015.12.001
  • Cortes, V. J., Sprague, T., Aye, Z. C., Greiving, S., Glowacki, W., and Sterlacchini, S.: The connection between long-term and short-term risk management strategies:examples from land-use planning and emergency management in four European case studies. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss., 2, 3137-3182, doi:10.5194/nhessd-2- 3137-2014, 2014 http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci-discuss.net/2/3137/2014/nhessd-2-3137-2014.html
  • Cortes Arevalo, V. J., Charrière, M., Bossi, G., Frigerio, S., Schenato, L., Bogaard, T., Bianchizza, C., Pasuto, A., and Sterlacchini, S.: Evaluating data quality collected by volunteers for first-level inspection of hydraulic structures in mountain catchments, Nat.Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 2681-2698, doi:10.5194/nhess-14-2681-2014, 2014. http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.net/14/2681/2014/nhess-14-2681-2014.html
  • Almoradie, A., Cortes, V.J., Jonoski, A. (2013), Web-based stakeholder collaboration in flood risk management. Journal of Flood Risk Management. DOI: 10.1111/jfr3.12076.
  • M. Evers, A. Jonoski, C. Maksimovic, L. Lange, S. Ochoa Rodriguez, A. Teklesadik, J. Cortes Arevalo, A. Almoradie, N. Eduardo Simoes, L.Wang, C. Makropoulos (2012), Collaborative modelling for active involvement of stakeholders in urban flood risk management. http://www.nat-hazards-earth-syst-sci.net/12/2821/2012/nhess-12-2821-2012.html


  • Cortes, J., T. Sprague, S. Frigerio, T. Bogaard, S. Sterlacchini. (2014) The role of community knowledge and participation for hydraulic-structure inspections: Combining knowledge with action trough citizen-science projects. International Conference Analysis and Management of changing risks for natural hazards. 18-19 November 2014. Padova, Italy.
  • Cortes, V.J., Frigerio, S., Schenato, L., Sterlacchini, S., Bogaard, T., and Pasuto, A (2014), Setting priorities for management of hydraulic structures in mountain catchments. HIC 2014 – 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics "Informatics and the Environment: Data and Model Integration in a Heterogeneous Hydro World" New York, USA August 17 – 21, 2014
  • Cortes, V.J., Frigerio, S., Schenato, L., Pasuto, A & Sterlacchini. S. (2013), Review of the current risk management strategies in Europe for hydro-meteorological hazards at protection and emergency level. Comprehensive Flood Risk Management – Klijn & Schweckendiek (eds). 2013 Taylor & Francis Group, London, ISBN 978-0-415-62144-

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