dr. V.V. Vikolainen MSc (Vera)


River Basin


Recent Articles
Vikolainen, V., Lulofs, K., & Bressers, H. (2017). The Transfer of Building with Nature Approach in the Context of EU Natura 2000. In C. de Boer, J. Vinke-de Kruijf, G. Ozerol, & H. T. A. Bressers (Eds.), Water Governance, Policy and Knowledge Transfer: International Studies on Contextual Water Management (Second ed., pp. 242-262). (Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management). Routledge.
Casiano Flores, C., Vikolainen, V., & Bressers, H. (2017). Water Governance Decentralisation and River Basin Management Reforms in Hierarchical Systems: Do They Work for Water Treatment Policy in Mexico’s Tlaxcala Atoyac Sub-Basin? In S. B. Megdal, S. Eden, & E. Shamir (Eds.), Water governance, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable water resources management (pp. 287-306). (Water).
Casiano, C., Gleason, A., Vikolainen, V., & Bressers, H. (2016). Evaluacion de la gobernanza: analisis de la politica de tratamiento de aguas residuales en el alto balsas puebla y tlaxcala. 68-80. Paper presented at IV Congreso Nacional Manejo de Cuencas Hidrográficas 2016, Xalapa, Mexico.
Vikolainen, V., de Bruijn, T., & Bressers, J. T. A. (2013). Improving environmental policy enforcement. Environmental engineering and management journal, 12(8), 1637-1643.

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