Z. Lu MSc (Zhou)




Lu, Z., & Broenink, J. F. (2017). Co-simulation Design towards Cyber-Physical Robotic Applications: Leveraging on FMI Standard and CSP Semantics. Paper presented at Communicating Process Architectures, CPA 2017, Sliema, Malta.
Broenink, J. F., Vos, P-J. D., Lu, Z., & Bezemer, M. M. (2016). A co-design approach for embedded control software of cyber-physical systems. In 2016 11th System of Systems Engineering Conference (SoSE) (pp. 1-5). USA: IEEE Circuits & Systems Society. DOI: 10.1109/sysose.2016.7542927
Lu, Z., Ran, T., & Broenink, J. F. (2016). Simulation and visualization tool design for robot software. In K. Chalmers, & J. B. Pedersen (Eds.), Communicating Process Architectures 2016: proceedings of the 38th WoTUG Technical Meeting (pp. 63-82). Open Channel Publishing Ltd.
Lu, Z., Bezemer, M. M., & Broenink, J. F. (2015). Model-driven design of simulation support for the TERRA robot software tool suite. In Communicating Process Architectures 2015, proceedings of the 37th WoTUG Technical Meeting (pp. 257-272). Oxford, UK: Open Channel Publishing Ltd.

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