My work aims to enhance urban data acquisition technologies and refine the integration of diverse publicly accessible datasets, such as satellite imagery, weather stations, and cadastral records.

Central to my research is the understanding of intra-urban heat phenomena, employing data-driven methodologies to uncover correlations among socio-economic factors, urban morphology, and Urban Heat Island (UHI) effects at the street level. I use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), urban informatics, and machine learning algorithms, for an in-depth diagnosis of UHI mechanisms in both air and surface temperatures.


  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

    • Urban Heat Island Effect
    • Street
    • Canopy
    • Urban Planning
    • Assessment
    • Modeling
    • Typology
    • Strategy



A framework for a comprehensive mobile data acquisition setting for the assessment of Urban Heat Island phenomenonIn Proceedings of the 39th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (pp. 1-8). International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction. Pena Acosta, M., Vahdatikhaki, F., Santos, J. & Doree, A.
A conceptual framework for more efficient simulation of the interplay between road pavements and the Urban Heat Island phenomenonIn EG-ICE 2020 Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering: 1st–4th July 2020, Online, Proceedings (pp. 264-274). Berlin University Press. Pena Acosta, M., Vahdatikhaki, F., Santos, J. & Dorée, A. G.
The evolution of Sihwa dam: A formal design theory perspectiveIn International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering, ICCEE-2009. Pukyong National University. Ibragimova, E., Pena, M. & Thompson, M. K.

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