Alessandro received a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from the University of Parma (IT) in 2019.
His thesis work investigated the synthesis and characterization of photoactive rutenium complexes  for anticancer therapies.
In October 2019 he has started a Master double degree programme between the University of Parma and the University of Twente (NL) in Industrial Chemistry and Molecular and Materials Engineering with the aim to further develope his view and skills in the scientific working environment.
In August and October 2021 he has received the master degrees in Molecular and Materials Engineering and Industrial chemistry.
His master thesis project focused on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid networks based on syntethic and natural polymers at Biomaterials Science and Technology (BST) department of the University of Twente.
In November 2021, Alessandro started a phD in dynamic molecular switches under the supervision of prof. dr. C.A. Nijhuis, scientific research leader of the Hybrid Materials for OptoElectronic departement of the University of Twente.
The focus of the research is to investigate and discover interesting molecular switches that switch between two or more (dynamic) states whose application can be found in neuromorphic computing.


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