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Multilevel Perspective on Feedback Research: Feedback Exchange and the Role of Contextual FactorsIn Academy of Management Proceedings. Bouwens, A., El Baroudi, S., Gorbatov, S., Anseel, F., Katz, I., Qiu, J., Mengxi Yang, R., Luan, Y., Kim, Y., Rudolph, C. W., Kesebir, S., Cai, W. & Moughan, C. classroom diversity as a source of scholarly learning for teachersCollege Teaching (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Lutz, C., Bouwens, A. & Van Goch, M.
Feedback as a Risk or an Opportunity: How Organizational Context Shapes Negative Feedback PerceptionAcademy of Management Proceedings, 2022(1). Mockeviciute, A., El Baroudi, S., Gorbatov, S. & Khapova, S. Does Feedback Enhance Performance in Teams?: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research AgendaIn Managing Team Centricity in Modern Organizations. Information Age Publishing Inc.. Mockeviciute, A., El Baroudi, S., Gorbatov, S. & Khapova, S.
Effects of prior knowledge and joint attention on learning from eye movement modelling examplesJournal of computer assisted learning, 36(4), 569-579. Chisari, L., Bouwens, A., Van Vemde, L., Ruitenburg, S., Kok, E. & van Gog, T.

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