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Exploratory Study on User Experience (UX) of Public E-Procurement System in Malaysia: A Qualitative ApproachIn Proceedings of 2023 9th International HCI and UX Conference in Indonesia, CHIuXiD 2023 (pp. 89-94). IEEE. Mior Ibrahim, E. N., Kusaini, A., Ismail, J., Abu Hashim, A. H. & Misron, M. M. a Journey into the past with a Tangible Timeline Game: Net Als Toen as a Tool to Enhance Reminiscence in Elderly with Alzheimer's DiseaseIn Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems Volume 2 ICEIS (pp. 497-504). Mulder, R., Kemper, P., Ottenschot, H. & Hashim, A. H. A.
Unlocking memories, reigniting joy: a feasibility study on personalized interactive games to enhance reminiscence for people with alzheimers diseaseIn 17th Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems: ICT 2023 (pp. 53-63). IADIS. Abu Hashim, A., ismail, j., Mior Ibrahim, E. N. & Ismail, M.“UNLOCKING MEMORIES, REIGNITING JOY”: A FEASIBILITY STUDY ON PERSONALIZED INTERACTIVE GAMES TO ENHANCE REMINISCENCE FOR PEOPLE WITH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASEIn Proceedings of the International Conferences on ICT, Society, and Human Beings 2023, ICT 2023; and e-Health 2023, EH 2023; Connected Smart Cities 2023, CSC 2023; and Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Computational Intelligence 2023, BigDaCI 2023 (pp. 53-63). IADIS. Hashim, A. H. A., Mior Ibrahim, E. N., Ismail, M. & Ismail, J.
Usability Evaluation of Personalized Digital Memory Book for Alzheimer’s Patient (my-MOBAL)In Trends and Innovations in Information Systems and Technologies (pp. 702-712). Abu Hashim, A., Ismail, M., Mohamed, A. & Subramaniam, P. Development of MyMobileSLT: A tool for student time management skillsJournal of physics: Conference series, 1529, Article 022030. Abu Hashim, A., Rahman, A., Noor, N. A. M. & Ariffin, K.

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