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Past 5 years: The research I have conducted after finishing my PhD is related to the materials science of complex materials, mostly used for electronic devices. The research focuses on the structure-property relation of atomically engineered complex (nano)materials, especially thin film ceramic oxides. The class of investigated materials includes, amongst others, ferromagnetic, superconducting, ferroelectric as well as piezoelectric materials. I have advanced the field of synthesis and (in-situ) atomic-scale characterization of complex oxides, which resulted in a significant revival in the field of functional materials. In recent years, I have started new research directions in the field of functional and smart materials, such as piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, and their integration with electronic and micro electromechanical systems (MEMS).


Recent Articles
Mak, J., Yuan, H., Banerjee, N., Bastiaens, H. M. J., Rijnders, G., & Boller, K. J. (2017). Enabling second-order nonlinear effects in silicon nitride waveguides. Poster session presented at Physics@FOM Veldhoven 2012, Veldhoven, Netherlands.
Pullini, D., Sgroi, M. F., Mahmoud, A., Gauquelin, N., Maschio, L., Ferrari, A. M., ... Verbeeck, J. (2017). One Step Toward a New Generation of C-MOS Compatible Oxide P-N Junctions: Structure of the LSMO/ZnO Interface Elucidated by an Experimental and Theoretical Synergic Work. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 9(24), 20974-20980. DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b04089
Mackeviciute, R., Grigalaitis, R., Banys, J., Boota, M., Ghosh, A., & Rijnders, G. (2017). Electrical properties of PMN-33PT thin film at MPB. Ferroelectrics, 512(1), 1-7. DOI: 10.1080/00150193.2017.1355140
Geessinck, J., Araizi-Kanoutas, G., Mishra, S. K., Beekman, J. J., Golden, M. S., Koster, G., & Rijnders, A. J. H. M. (2017). Evidence for charge transfer at the LaCoO3-LaTiO3 interface. Poster session presented at MESA+ Meeting 2017, Enschede, Netherlands.
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