My primary research interests are developing urban environmental ethics, comparative environmental philosophy, and sustainability discourse at the intersection of technology and values. I incorporate post-colonial, environmental ethics, critical race theory and feminist critiques into my teaching and research.

Selected Publications:

Poole, A. Education as a Driver of Extinction of Experience or Conservation of Biocultural Heritage (Chapter 15), in Ecology and Ethics, Vol. 5, Ricardo Rozzi et al. (Eds): Field Environmental Philosophy. Volume 4 Ecology and Ethics Series, eds. R. Rozzi, S.T.A. Pickett, C. Palmer, J.J. Armesto, J.B. Callicott. Netherlands: Springer, Forthcoming.

Tauro, A., Ojeda, J., Caviness, T., Moses, K.P., Moreno-Terrazas, R., Wright, T., Zhu, D., Poole, A.K., Massardo, F. and Rozzi, R., 2021. Field environmental philosophy: a biocultural ethic approach to education and ecotourism for sustainabilitySustainability13(8)

Rozzi, R., Massardo, F. and Poole, A., The “3Hs”(Habitats, Habits, co-in-Habitants) of the Biocultural Ethic: A “philosophical lens” to address global changes in the Anthropocene. Global Changes: Ethics, Politics and Environment in the Contemporary Technological World, 2020. pp.153-170.

Poole, A. Environmental Philosophy and the City,” Meagher, Sharon M., Samantha Noll, and Joseph S. Biehl. The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of the City. Routledge, 2019. pp. 335-352.

Poole, A. “Where is Goal #18? The Need for Biocultural Heritage within the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” Environmental Values, Volume 27, Number 1, February 2018, pp. 55-80(26)



  • Social Sciences

    • Philosophy
    • Education
    • Ecological Research
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

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    • Conservation
    • Ecosystem
    • Ecodevelopment
    • Experience



Education as a Driver of Extinction of Experience or Conservation of Biocultural HeritageIn Field Environmental Philosophy: Education for Biocultural Conservation (pp. 247-262). Springer Nature. Poole, A. K.
Field environmental philosophy: A biocultural ethic approach to education and ecotourism for sustainabilitySustainability (Switzerland), 13(8), Article 4526. Tauro, A., Ojeda, J., Caviness, T., Moses, K. P., Moreno-Terrazas, R., Wright, T., Zhu, D., Poole, A. K., Massardo, F. & Rozzi, R.

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