dr.ir. A.M. Leferink (Anne)


About Me

I am a lecturer in the BSc and MSc course Technical Medicine (University of Twente) in modules on Cell Biology (theory and practical course), on Biomaterials for clinical interventions (module-coordinator and lecturer) and on Clinical Biotechnology

Furthermore, I conduct research in the field of Organ-on-a-chip technology. My research foscusses on the development of 'organoids-on-a-chip' systems for for personalized medicine and to unravel molecular pathways involved in cancer metastasis.

Moreover, I have a special interest in the development of applications of biomedical devices and tools for medical interventions. 
I have expertise in a broad range of biomedical related subjects ranging from the molecular cell biology level up to the functional level of the muscoloskeletal system at the macro-scale.


Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Scaffolds (Biology)
Scaffolds (Biology)


  • Development of tumor-on-a-chip models to study processes involved in tissue invasion and metastasis.
  • In vitro tissue morphogenesis in bottom-up tissue engineering approaches.


Minol, J-P., Reinsch, I., Luik, M., Leferink, A. M., Barth, M., Assmann, A., ... Akhyari, P. (2017). Focal induction of ROS-release to trigger local vascular degeneration. PLoS ONE, 12(6), [e0179342]. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0179342

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Module or course coordinator:

  • MOD11 TM "Biomaterials and Ethics"
  • MSc. course TM: Clinical Biotechnology


  • MOD01 TM "Bouwstenen van de Mens" Introduction to Cell Biology and Project
  • MOD11 TM "Biomaterials and Ethics" Biomaterials and Project
  • MOD01 BME "De Maakbare Mens" Tutor in project

Affiliated Study Programmes





  • Tumor-on-a-chip models to study secretion factors involved in cancer metastasis
  • Sarcoma-on-a-chip models to study the effect of treatments for personalized medicine (in collaboration with LUMC)
  • Development of an oxygen delivery device to prevent anastomotic leackage after esophageal tumor resection.
  • Development of a Blood-Brain-Barrier on a chip.

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University of Twente
Faculty of Science and Technology
Horst - Zuidhorst (building no. 28), room 116
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University of Twente
Faculty of Science and Technology
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P.O. Box 217
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