prof.dr.ir. A. Veldkamp (Tom)

Rector Magnificus / Executive Board member

About Me

Tom Veldkamp (1963) is UT’s Rector Magnificus since 27 November 2020. He did his PhD at Wageningen University and Research, in 2002 he was appointed as Professor of Land Dynamics at this university. He was Head of the Landscape Centre at Wageningen, and scientific director of the Centre for Geo-Information and Remote Sensing. Read more on the Executive Board website.


Social Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Land Use
Landscape Evolution
Agriculture & Biology
Ochroma Pyramidale

Ancillary Activities

  • foundation Natuur Milieu Overijssel
    Chairman council of supervision (RvT) NMO (foundation Natuur Milieu Overijssel)
    Boardmember ISRIC foundation
  • Elsevier
    Editor in Chief


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