A. Heining MSc (Anne)

Business Information Manager WebHare CMS; Online Communications & Social Media

About Me


My education:

  • Master Psychology (UT), specialized in Human Media Interaction/Media Psychology/Cognitive Ergonomics | 2008
  • Master Communication Studies (UT) | 2012

My work experience:

  • Freelance journalist (and photographer) in Germany | 2000-2006
  • Different student jobs at the UT, all communications/PR/IT related | 2004-2007
  • Communications officer for the Psychology department at the GW (now called BMS) faculty (UT), also webmaster for the faculty | 2007-2009
  • Website coordinator www.utwente.nl at Marketing & Communications (UT)| 2009-2013
  • Communications advisor (and still web coordinator) | 2013-... 


My passion is bridging people and technology. I do not have any technical background, but enjoy helping people in using new technologies. My role as a digital communication expert at the Marketing & Communications department includes the following tasks:

Business Information Management

As product owner for several UT information systems I am representing the system towards the organization, programmers and the user community. This role includes further development of the systems, supporting the users (with manuals, courses, newsletters, support desk), cooperation with the (interaction) designers, programmers and keeping an eye on possible trends and future developments.

  • WebHare: Content Mangement System of the UT
  • People Pages: employee pages/phone book
  • Maps.utwente.nl: 3D map of the UT

I am also a product owner/contact person for some of our cloud systems:

  • Usabilla: feedback system for websites and apps
  • Coosto: social media monitoring and publishing
  • Google Analytics: website and app analytics

Other related topics you may contact me for:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimalization) - Findabiliy of websites om search engines

Users may contact the Online Media Servicedesk of Marketing & Communications: onlinemedia@utwente.nl / phone 5665. Manuals are available on www.utwente.nl/en/websites.


I am involved in several projects as a project manager or communication advisor, for example GDPR implementation, People Pages (people.utwente.nl), new UT corporate website, new template for all UT websites, etc

Social media

I set up and used to run the university accounts for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, but now there is a whole team involved, with different contact persons per channel. Have a look at www.utwente.nl/socialmedia for more information about our team, a list of social media accounts, tips and more. My role is limited now: webcare for Twitter/Facebook (together with Jamila) and some counselling tasks and trainings. For content suggestions tag @utwente or send us a direct message on the account you want to be featured on. 

Current Projects

Finished Projects


Contact Details

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University of Twente
Marketing & Communications
Spiegel (building no. 02), room 013
Drienerlolaan 5
7522NB  Enschede
The Netherlands

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University of Twente
Marketing & Communications
Spiegel  013
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

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