B. Aktaş (Bahadir)

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Bahadır Aktaş is a Research Assistant and Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Management Information Systems. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ege University, Turkey, and later completed his master's degree in Management Information Systems. His master's thesis, titled "Increasing Production Efficiency with Using Internet of Things and Instant Data Analysis Methods on Machining Sector," was published in an ESCI-indexed academic journal.

His research interests encompass business analytics, social media analytics, data visualization, text mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. As a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant, Bahadır is involved in teaching application and laboratory courses that cover Requirement Management, Programming, Database Management, System Analysis and Design, Qualitative Data Analysis, and Text Mining.

Bahadır is proficient in the Python programming language and with qualitative data analysis and text mining software, such as WordStat and QDA Miner. With a background in electrical engineering, research, and teaching, Bahadır Aktaş continues his academic journey in the field of Management Information Systems.

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University of Twente
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