Bas Kollöffel is Assistant Professor of Professional Learning with Technology. He received a PhD in Instructional Technology from the University of Twente. The focus of his research is on the use of technology-based, immersive training environments for professional and vocational training and education. Examples of such technologies are  Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), GoPro action cameras, simulators, games and online learning environments (including MOOC's and SPOC's). His research projects focus on both the instructional design and the effectiveness of such environments, by assessing the training and learning effects, and studying and finding new ways to support learners, to optimize their learning processes, and to foster transfer of training, in order to facilitate the use of newly acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes at the workplace.


  • Social Sciences

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  • Psychology

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  • Computer Science

    • Engineering Education
    • Inquiry Learning



Instructional technology; effects of learning; transfer of learning; design and usability of online learning environments; external representations; cognitive styles and abilities; motivation and achievements goals; feedback; metacognition.


This is how we roll: Testing and training Situation Awareness in roller operator students using Virtual Reality. Friso - van den Bos, I. & Kollöffel, B.GoPro in het onderwijsMbo Krant, 64, 11. Driessen, A. J. C. M., Brands, S., Verdoes, A. & Kollöffel, B.Filmbeelden van de werkplek in de theorielesProfiel (Utrecht), 05-2022, 24-27. Verdoes, A., Brands, S., Driessen, A. J. C. M. & Kollöffel, B.

Research profiles


  • Department of Educational Science (OWK): coordinator of HRD education
  • Course: Innovative Technology-Based Learning Environments (201400002)
  • Course: Trending topics in Educational Science and Technology (201200034)


  • Designing for learning in schools and organizations (201300068)
  • Innovative Technology-Based Learning Environments (201400002)
  • Professional learning in organizations (201500001)
  • Research proposal EST (201200035)
  • Trending topics in Educational Science and Technology (201200034)
  • Supervising Bachelor and Master thesis projects Educational Sciences & Technology and Psychology

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