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Modeling Earthquake-induced Landslide initiation using the Fibre Bundle Model. Earth ArXiv. Chen, Y., van den Bout, B., Lombardo, L. & van Westen, C. breakthrough in fast flood simulation. Earth ArXiv. van den Bout, B., Jetten, V., van Westen, C. & Lombardo, L. Learning-Based Super-Resolution of Digital Elevation Models in Data Poor Regions.. Earth ArXiv. Dahal, A., van den Bout, B., van Westen, C. & Nolde, M. based modeling of co-seismic landslide, debris flow, and flood cascadeNatural hazards and earth system sciences, 22(10), 3183-3209. van den Bout, B., Tang, C., van Westen, C. & Jetten, V. G. Loss Function for Super-Resolution of Geoscientific Data. Dahal, A., van den Bout, B., van Westen, C. J. & Nolde, M.Non-monotonic relationships between return periods of precipitation surface hazard intensityWater (Switzerland), 14(9), Article 1348. van den Bout, B., van Westen, C. & Jetten, V. G. rainfall threshold In the Indonesia landslide early warning system . Yuniawan, R. A., Rifai, A., Faris, F., van Westen, C., Jetten, V., van den Bout, B., Subiyantoro, A., Muntohar, A., Musthofa, A., Hidayat, R., Hidayah, A., Ridwan, B., Priangga, E., Satyaningsih, R. & Sutanto, S. of a local impact-based Landslide Early Warning System using physically-based multi-hazards modelling and machine learning in Java, Indonesia.. Subiyantoro, A., van Westen, C., van den Bout, B., Jetten, V., Muntohar, A., Mushthofa, A., Yuniawan, R. A. & Satyaningsih, R.

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