dr. C. Bayón Calderón (Cristina)

Postdoctoral Junior Leader

About Me

Fields of interest
Rehabilitation robotics, wearable exoskeletons, gait, balance control, human-machine interaction.


I am currently a postdoctoral junior leader at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at University of Twente. Since 2021 I am listed in the Featured Scientist section of the University of Twente.

I received the BSc. degree in mechanical engineering (2012) from VIA University College (Denmark) and the MSc. degree in industrial engineering (2013) from University of Extremadura (Spain). In 2018, I received the Ph.D. degree with honors (cum laude) in electrical, electronics and automation engineering from the University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain). It was awarded by the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry of Spain.

During my Ph.D. I worked developing and testing a robotic platform (CPWalker: smart-walker and exoskeleton) for gait rehabilitation and training in children with Cerebral Palsy and similar motor disorders. In 2015, and subsequently in 2016, I was granted a fellowship of the Programme for the Training of Researchers of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain in I+D foreign centres. Within this programme I carried out two research visits: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (USA, 2016) and University of Twente (The Netherlands, 2017).

In 2020 I received a VENI grant of the Dutch Research Council NWO to carry out inGAIT project: a light-weight and compact device to improve gait performance of children with Cerebral Palsy in daily life situations.


Engineering & Materials Science
Patient Rehabilitation
Medicine & Life Sciences
Cerebral Palsy


Bayon, C., Van Crey, N., Rocon, E., Rouse, E. , & van Asseldonk, E. (2023). Comparison of Two Design Principles of Unpowered Ankle-Foot Orthoses for Supporting Push-Off: A Case Study. In 2023 International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR) (Vol. 2023, pp. 1-6). (IEEE ... International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics : [proceedings]). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/ICORR58425.2023.10304603
Vallinas, A. , Keemink, A. , Bayon, C. , van Asseldonk, E. , & van der Kooij, H. (2023). Momentum-Based Balance Control of a Lower-Limb Exoskeleton During Stance. In 2023 International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR) (pp. 1-6). (IEEE ... International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics : [proceedings]). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/ICORR58425.2023.10304732
De Miguel-Fernández, J., Salazar-Del Rio, M., Rey-Prieto, M. , Bayón, C., Guirao-Cano, L., Font-Llagunes, J. M. , & Lobo-Prat, J. (2023). Inertial sensors for gait monitoring and design of adaptive controllers for exoskeletons after stroke: a feasibility study. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology, 11, Article 1208561. https://doi.org/10.3389/fbioe.2023.1208561
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Bayón, C. , Fricke, S. S. , van der Kooij, H. , & van Asseldonk, E. H. F. (2022). Automatic Versus Manual Tuning of Robot-Assisted Gait Training. In D. Torricelli, M. Akay, & J. L. Pons (Eds.), Converging clinical and engineering research on neurorehabilitation IV: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Neurorehabilitation (ICNR2020), October 13-16, 2020 (pp. 9-14). (Biosystems and Biorobotics; Vol. 28). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-70316-5_2
Bayón, C. , Rampeltshammer, W. F. , Keemink, A. Q. L. , van der Kooij, H. , & van Asseldonk, E. H. F. (2022). Ankle-Exoskeleton Control for Assisting in Balance Recovery After Unexpected Disturbances During Walking. In J. C. Moreno, J. Masood, U. Schneider, C. Maufroy, & J. L. Pons (Eds.), Wearable Robotics: Challenges and Trends: Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Wearable Robotics, WeRob2020, and of WearRAcon Europe 2020, October 13–16, 2020 (pp. 47-51). (Biosystems and Biorobotics; Vol. 27). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-69547-7_8
Bayón, C., Delgado-Oleas, G., Avellar, L., Bentivoglio, F., Tommaso, F. D., Tagliamonte, N. L., Rocon, E. , & Asseldonk, E. H. F. V. (2021). Development and Evaluation of BenchBalance: A System for Benchmarking Balance Capabilities of Wearable Robots and Their Users. Sensors, 22(1), Article 119. https://doi.org/10.3390/s22010119

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  • In 2019 I was awarded a "Juan de la Cierva" grant, Spanish Government (50 k€)
  • In 2020 I was awarded a VENI grant (inGAIT), NWO Talent Program of the Dutch Research Council (250 k€)
  • In 2021 I received the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission under Horizon 2020's Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship
  • In 2022 I was awarded a Ter Meulen Grant for scientific research abroad, KNAW Academy (5 k€)

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University of Twente
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