C.C. Lujan Ornelas (Claudia)

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I am a Chemical Engineering with a master degree in Environmental Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I have been working with environmental management and product performance, particularly in Life Cycle and Carbon Footprint Analysis in industries and public organizations.

I have developed in the academy, as in the public and private sector in institutions such as the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), The Mexican Central Bank (Banxico) and Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), among others. My passion is the productive processes and the generation of strategies that support the transition towards Sustainability.

As part of my PhD programme I will carry on research on ways to assess innovations for the textile sector through the systematic and value chain perspective of the (Sustainable) Life Cycle Assessment methodology. The innovative textile Dutch and Mexican practices will be the focus of my research. A supervision team is conformed between UT and UNAM researchers for my project. 



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One of the major current challenges that is faced by society is to change the traditional production and consumption patterns. For this reason, is necessary to enable the transition conditions towards sustainable production and consumption, leading to a more competitive economy.

Furthermore, the business environment is constantly undergoing of rapid changes, therefore, enterprises must adapt through the development of competitive and sustainable advantages to ensure their permanence in the market and gradually increase their profitability. Even further, the most challenging production units to boost growth correspond to the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In this sense, the textile and clothing industry is currently one of the manufacturing industries with great influence in the world economy, but also, one of the most polluting industries and many social concerns. Due to the economic importance and the high impacts derived from this sector, it is very important to develop strategies and tools that help to improve the sustainable performance of the textile industry at the local and international levels. Therefore, this research is focused on this industrial sector.

Hence, the goal of my research is to develop a methodological framework called Sustainability Assessment in Textile Industry (SATIN) to evaluate the sustainability performance of the textile industry, by identifying the hotspots to be improved, especially to support SMEs. This with the intention to lead to the development of a more sustainable textile industry enabling to face the market changes.

With the development of SATIN, it is expected to simultaneously tackle different aspects of the textile operation to reduce production costs, minimize the use of raw materials, promote social responsibility and offer fair prices. In this way, the textile companies might be able to position their products in the (local and international) market that seeks sustainable production trends.



Luján-Ornelas, C., Güereca, L. P. , Franco-García, L. , & Heldeweg, M. (2019). Hacia una industria textil sustentable. In 4° Congreso de Ingeniería, Ciencia y Gestión Ambiental AMICA - 5th International Conference of Greening of Industry Network: 28, 29 y 30 de octobre de 2019, Instituto de Ingeniería de la UNAM, Ciudad de México (pp. 400-405). Article ID 601 UNAM, Instituto de Ingeniería.
Other Contributions
Luján-Ornelas, C., Sternenfels, U. M. D. C., & Güereca, L. P. (2018). Life cycle assessment of Mexican polymer and high-durability cotton paper banknotes.  Science of The Total Environment 630 , 409-421.

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