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Caroline is a fingerprint subject matter expert with a strong educational background in forensic science. In March 2018 she relocatedĀ from Melbourne, Australia and spent two years employed as Forensic Researcher - Fingerprint Expert at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). Prior to relocation, Caroline obtained her Certificate of Fingerprint Expertise in Australia and spent 13 years as a Forensic Officer - Fingerprint Examiner with the Victoria Police Forensic Services Department. She has specific expertise using biometric systems (AFIS/ Livescan) and in addition to this has expertise in fingermark crime scene recovery and laboratory processing, mortuary attendance, fingermark comparison, preparing expert witness reports and offering expert witness testimony. Caroline is the Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) 2014 Allan Hodda Memorial Award recipient. This enabled her to pursue research on the evolution and expansion in the delivery of fingerprint expertise and the movement toward a logical framework. HerĀ research will entail the augmentationĀ of computer-assisted approaches to strengthen human judgement and decisions performed under uncertainty. She is passionate about training and education, and the ongoing development of fingerprint subject matter expertise, in particular the articulation and development of expert reasoning using computer-assisted platforms. Caroline is an advocate for strengthening the science through beyond border collaboration and institutional connectivity, and sees value in the movement toward the operational validation of a computer-assisted approach.



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