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  • Chemistry

    • Procedure
    • Optical Microscopy
    • Phase Composition
  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

    • Sample
    • Raman Spectroscopy
    • Molecule
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Medicine and Dentistry

    • Raman Spectrometry


Research interest: Development of optical spectroscopy and microscopy techniques for applications in biophysics and biomedics. 

A selection of highlights:

first to show Raman spectra of single cells (1990)

first to show Raman images of single cells (2003)

Realization and discovery of "easy CARS" (after A. Voroshilov)  that enabled CARS microscopy (1995-1997)

Developed a suite of optical single molecule techniques (imaging, FCS, multicolor FCS, super-resolution localization) for application in biophysics (2000-2010)

Initiative of light-harvesting bacterial protein based biomimicry and associated technology (2002-2010)

Developed Raman integrated with scanning electron microscopy technology (1995-now)

Developed spontaneous and coherent Raman methods (entire career)

Founder of the company Hybriscan Technologies B.V. (2009)

Hybriscan commercialized Raman for SEM, an integrated approach (2011)

Hybriscan commercialized an automated Raman instrument for clinical applications (2022)


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Raman-based diagnostics

Biomolecular distributions in cells

Enzyme activity in cells with Resonance Raman spectroscopy and imaging


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