Dr. Desirée van Dun is Assistant Professor at the Organizational Behaviour, Change Management & Consultancy group. OBCC fits well with her professional research and consulting expertise and aims to make a societal impact.

In 2015, Dr. van Dun completed her part-time Ph.D. research (Cum Laude) at the UT. Her dissertation, entitled "Improving Lean Team Performance: Leadership and Workfloor Dynamics," won various awards including the Overijssel PhD Award 2016 and the international 2015 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award in the Operations and Production Management category.

In her research she typically bridges the fields of Organizational Behaviour, Change Management and Operations Management in a variety of ways. She published her work in top-tier journals like International Journal of Operations & Production Management, European Management Journal and International Review of Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She is part of the Academy of Management's Operations & Supply Chain Management division board as communications leader and has organized their doctoral student and junior faculty consortia in 2020 and 2021.

Prior to her academic career, during ten years, she also worked at House of Performance: a boutique management consultancy firm aimed at improving work floor performance. Here, she specialized in process improvement, strategy execution, change management, team-effectiveness, and (Lean) leadership development in large Dutch organizations. In 2017 she also headed their Research & Development.

Besides academic publishing, teaching, and management consulting, she frequently shares her insights through her weblog, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and AOM, EurOMA or practitioner conference presentations or workshops.


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In her research Dr. Desirée van Dun typically bridges the fields of Organizational Behaviour, Change Management and Operations Management in a variety of ways. Particularly, she use high-tech research methods such as video-observation or wearables, and/or uses other types of mixed methods to study the implications of high-tech applications such as Industry 4.0 or 5.0 on the people who work within such contexts. Through her research she helps shaping Organizational Behaviour for Digital and Green Transformation.

As a researcher she is co-promotor of multiple (external) PhD students with various international backgrounds and industrial experiences. She is also involved in various multidisciplinary Master thesis projects. Moreover, she collaborates with researchers from respectable international institutes.


Employee adoption of a connected worker programme: A multi-level, multiple-case study in a global manufacturing firm, 1-10 (Accepted/In press). van Dun, D. H., Bartelink, J., Kumar, M. & Weritz, P.Building organizational resilience through operational excellence: A systematic literature review and qualitative study, 1-10 (Accepted/In press). Brauel, K., van Dun, D. H. & Hans, E. W.Organisational agility at the team and individual level: A systematic literature review, 1-10 (Accepted/In press). Risgiyanti, R., Weritz, P. & van Dun, D. H.The relationship between lean hospital adoption, learning, and relational coordination: An embedded multiple-case process study, 1-10. van Beers, J. J. C. A. M. & van Dun, D. H.What leader behaviors evoke employee innovative work behavior in Asia? Validation of a new survey scaleJournal of management & organization (Accepted/In press). Tan, A. B. C., van Dun, D. H. & Wilderom, C. P. M.Kaizen event process factors for operational performance improvement: an archival studyProduction Planning and Control (Accepted/In press). Franken, J., van Dun, D. H. & Wilderom, C. P. M.https://doi.org/10.1080/09537287.2024.2358402Let‚Äôs talk about it: The impact of nurses‚Äô implicit voice theories on individual agility and quality of careInternational journal of operations & production management, 44(5), 1007-1033 (Accepted/In press). Fournier, P.-L., Bahl, L., van Dun, D. H., Johnson, K. & Cadieux, J.https://doi.org/10.1108/IJOPM-11-2022-0752Leading lean transformations: towards a 3D view of lean leadershipIn A research agenda for lean management (pp. 165-181). Edward Elgar. van Dun, D. H.https://doi.org/10.4337/9781035302918Group Capabilities and Process Quality in Complex Problem Solving. University of Twente. Franken, J.https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036560207Behavioural Differences in Conflict Dynamics between Mono- and Multi-cultural Self-managing Teams: An Exploratory Study (Accepted/In press). Carminati, L. & van Dun, D. H.

Research profiles

Dr. Desirée van Dun is one of the main teachers in the Bachelor Honours track Processes of Change and coordinator of the Master Honours programme Change Leaders. In addition, she developed the International Management & Consultancy track that is part of the MSc Business Administration. Moreover, she teaches and coordinates the Change Making module of UT's award-winning Transdisciplinary Master Insert program Shaping Responsible Futures. In terms of minors, she teaches in the five-faculty Energy Transition Perspectives minor and the Going Dutch minor. She is also involved in executive educational programmes (Master of Risk Management) and regularly provide workshops for practitioners.

Affiliated study programs

Courses academic year 2023/2024

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Courses academic year 2022/2023

In the press

Selected Online Publications

2018     MT.nl. This is how you become a lean leader [Zó word je een lean leider]. https://www.mt.nl/management/continu-verbeteren/zo-word-lean-leider/549703

2017     Skipr.nl. Manager, include yourself if you want to create a better organisation [Manager, kijk ook naar jezelf als je betere organisatie wil. https://www.skipr.nl/blogs/id3029-manager-kijk-ook-naar-jezelf-als-je-betere-organisatie-wil.html

2016     Skipr.nl. Leadership in Transition [Leiderschap in Transitie]. https://www.skipr.nl/blogs/id2637-leiderschap-in-transitie.html

2013¬†¬†¬†¬† Van Dun, D. H. & Bruins Slot, B. Whitepaper My Team is a Top Team [Dutch version also available: ‚ÄúMijn Team is Top‚ÄĚ]. http://www.houseofperformance.nl/wp-content/uploads/WP-mijn-team-is-top-def.pdf

2013     ManagersOnline.nl. Successful Organizational Strategy Requires Behavioral Change [Succesvolle organisatiestrategie vraagt gedragsverandering]. http://www.managersonline.nl/nieuws/13184/succesvolle-organisatiestrategie-vraagt-gedragsverandering-.html

Selected YouTube Videos

2015     PhD Dissertation Chapter I: Lean Leaders and their Teams: Introduction [Lean leiders en hun teams: Introductie] http://tinyurl.com/pcyq63x

2015     PhD Dissertation Chapter II: Lean Leadership: Effective Middle Managers [Lean leiderschap: Effectieve middenmanagers] http://tinyurl.com/njvr2nc

2015     PhD Dissertation Chapter III: Lean Teams: Dynamics and Enablers of Continuous Improvement [Lean teams: Gedrag en randvoorwaarden voor continu verbeteren] http://tinyurl.com/oghkrr6

2015     PhD Dissertation Chapter IV: Lean Teams: Role of Higher-Level Management [Lean teams: Rol van hoger management] http://tinyurl.com/olmy6zd

2015     PhD Dissertation Chapter V: Lean Leadership: Higher Team Effectiveness through Lean Leaders’ Values [Lean leiderschap: Effectievere teams door waarden van lean leiders] http://tinyurl.com/pu5dtgj

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