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I am an associate professor at the Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems (IEBIS) Department. With a background in industrial engineering, I hold a PhD in the field of Innovation Management and Product Development. I specifically research on sustainable supply chain management and circular economy, with particular attention on industrial symbiosis networks and sustainable business models. Bio-based economy, renewable energy, and circular construction ecosystems are also within my expertise. I am the Resilience Theme chair of the BMS Faculty and a UT Resilience Board member.

My overall goal is supporting sustainable circular economy transition and sustainable energy transition under the umbrella of industrial, rural, and urban symbiosis as three pillars of circular economy. In this transition phase, development of emerging technologies such as IT-based decision support tools covers an important part of my multi- and cross-disciplinary research. Methodologically, these tools operate based on the development of recommender algorithms, game theory models, agent-based modelling, and input-output modelling to support companies, society, policy-makers, and researchers to through a transition to smart, sustainable, and resilient industry and to circular economy.


Business & Economics
Agent-Based Simulation
Circular Economy
Construction Industry
Industrial Symbiosis
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Circular Economy
Engineering & Materials Science
Multi Agent Systems


With a background in industrial engineering , I hold a PhD degree from Interploytechnic School of Doctorate (Politecnico di Bari, Politecnico di Milano, and Politecnico di Torino, 2010, Italy). My studies cover a variety of topics among which sustainable supply chain management, circular economic business models, bio-based economy and bioresource supply chains, industrial symbiosis networks, decision-making in transition from linear to circular economy, use of online IT platforms for sustainable business devleopment.

During my career, my research has been supported by multiple grants won from diverse institutions. The largest one is the ‘SHAREBOX: Developing a secure management platform for shared process resources’. Thanks to this grant won from Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (total of 5.9M Euros with a contribution of 725k Euros for UT), our 'Sustainable Circular Economy Research Team' is formed to conduct research on decision-making in industrial symbiosis relations, efficient operations of industrial symbiosis networks, cost- and benefit-sharing in industrial symbiosis, recommender development for symbiosis identification, and learning transition to circular economy for process industries. 

The video of the SHAREBOX software is available on:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1EED4RdMCA . This project is co-financed byAssociation of Sustainable Process Industries through Resource and Energy Efficiency (A.SPIRE) in the form of Public-Private-Partnership. I am a member of A.SPIRE’s Industrial and Urban Symbiosis working group contributing to SPIRE’s 2050 Roadmap for Sustainable Process Industries, namely"Processes4Planet" which aims at setting up 2050 goals of process industry and defining strategic actions to reach these goals.

Research keywords:

Sustainable supply chain management, implementation of bio-based economy and circular economy, innovative business models for sustainable regional development, corporate social responsibility, learning circular economic business strategies, company behavior in emerging symbiotic markets, design and operations of industrial symbiosis networks, rural symbiosis, urban symbiosis, sustainability monitoring, bio-refinery and bio-energy supply chains, circular construction ecosystems, input-output modelling, game theory, agent-based modelling, recommender development.



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Fraccascia, L., Giannoccaro, I. , Yazan, D. M., Choi, T., & Ivanov, D. (2019). Managing supply chain operations in industrial symbiosis networks. Resources, conservation and recycling, 151, Article 104323. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.resconrec.2019.04.033
Yazdanpanah, V. (2019). Multiagent Industrial Symbiosis Systems. [PhD Thesis - Research UT, graduation UT, University of Twente]. Ipskamp Printing. https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036548878
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In terms of education, I am coordinating the interdisciplinary Circular Economy Transition bachelor minor module where I also teach Circularity Management and Technology course; giving the master course of Circular Sustainable Business Development; and contributing the Consumer Products bachelor module with the course of Sustainable Supply Chains for Consumer Products.

I am the founder of Sustainable and Resilient Circular Economy Laboratory: SRC Lab, an online learning environment operating with multiple online serious games. The games located in SRC Lab are Circular Economy Transition City game (given in Circular Economy Transition minor), Industrial Symbiosis Game, and Circularity Platform for Construction Industry (both given in Circular Sustainable Business Development course).

These are all inter- and cross-disciplinary educational activities with the involvement of multiple students from multiple backgrounds at UT.


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Courses Academic Year  2022/2023


I have been taking part in several international, European, regional, UT-wise, and BMS-wise projects mainly related to sustainable circular economy and bio-based economy. I also have been playing managerial roles in these projects which achieved high sustainability impacts on multiple stakeholders. A short list of grants is provided below.

* 2021      € 21.700 (main applicant, with the research team Luca Fraccascia, Yifei Yu, and Patricia Rogetzer) from University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, call for WSV Innovative Teaching proposals, for "Serious gaming for Circular Economy Transition (SG4CET)".

* 2020      € 275.000 (main applicant, with the research team Yu, Y., Iacob M., Junjan, V.) from University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, call for BMS Signature proposals, for "Engineering an Information Platform for Sustainable, Smart, and Resilient Circular Construction Ecosystems".

* 2015      € 5.910.000 (€ 725.000 for University of Twente, IEBIS department) from European Commission Horizon2020 call for SPIRE6 – Sustainable Process Industries for Energy and Resource Efficiency, for “Secure Management Platform for Shared Process Resources –SHAREBOX” Research consortia composed of 15 partners from 6 different European countries. Roles: Technical manager of the project and the leader of Workpackage 3 (Smart decision-support tools). 

* 2015      € 70.000 (with the research team: van Duren I., Mes, M., Kersten, S., Clancy, J., Zijm, H.) from University of Twente, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, call for Tech4People joint research proposals, for “Designing sustainable second generation bioenergy supply chains: an agent-based modelling approach”.

* 2014      € 70.000 from Regione Autonoma di Sardegna (Sardinian Autonomous Region, Cagliari, Italy) PO FSE 2007/2013 – Asse IV Capitale Umano- Linea di Attività - l.1.1 – Esercizio Finanziario, for “The role of company behaviour and information availability on the environmental and economic performance of supply chains”.

* 2010      Cdn$ 35.000 (main applicant, with the research team: Albino, V., Dangelico, R., Natalicchio, A.) from Network for Business Sustainability (Richard Ivey School of Business of University of Western Ontario, Canada), for “A review and synthesis of research on the use of alternative energy sources in cement manufacturing”.


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