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I am an assistant professor in the Laboratory of Thermal Engineering. In 1991 002, I received the MSc degree in Chemical Engineering at University of Twente. My master research was on NOx formation and destruction during fluid bed combustion of coal. 

I’m employed at The University since 1983. I have worked in the field of fluidized bed combustion of the coal, biomass and industrial waste, with the focus on the combustion process and the related gaseous emissions. In a later stage I worked on the development of the Rotational Particle Separator (RPS) as a new patented device for separation of (sub) micron particles from gases. Also the use of the cyclone separator from the RPS as reactor for the removal of gaseous emissions like HCl and SO2 was developed.

In the last period I worked on the development of the patented PyRos reactor. A cyclonic pyrolysis reactor based on the RPS. A pilot scale pyrolysis plant with a throughput of 50 kg/hr was developed, build and tested within the Thermal Engineering laboratory. Also research is been conducted on the production of high quality green biofuels from biomass waste streams using thermal separation methods such as Hydrothermal Carbonization, gasification and pyrolysis. Next to that research was is carried out on the pyrolitic recovery of Carbon Black from recycled rubber and minirals from paper sludge.  

I guide bachelor and master students at with their final assignment within the group,  with the focus on thermal conversion of biomass and waste: Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis and Torrefaction are the processes studied. Also the daily guidance of PdEng and PhD students is a part of my job.   

I’m the teacher and coordinator of the master courses, Energy from Biomass, Process Equipment Design and the bachelor courses Energy and Materials and Energy Sustainability. I’m teacher in Basics for Process Design.  



Engineering & Materials Science
Earth & Environmental Sciences


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