E. Bakhshianlamouki (Elham)

PhD Candidate

About Me

 I have studied master of Water Management and Governance at IHE-Delft in the Netherlands as well as Water Engineering at the Isfahan University of Technology in Iran. My educational background and professional experiences help me to have diverse perspectives on technical and social disciplines regarding water-related issues. For my thesis at IHE, I simulated a real water challenge by considering the interaction between water, food, energy and a number of important variables affecting the environment, economy, and society of Urmia Lake basin in Iran using System Dynamics Modeling method. In my current Ph.D. research at UT, I will work on Participatory modeling of the interaction between evolving anthropogenic shore and human activities including the use and management of this landscape, this research is part of the ReAShore project.


Bakhshianlamouki, E., Augustijn, E.W., Brugnach, M., Voinov, A. and Wijnberg, K., A Participatory Modelling Approach to Cognitive Mapping of the Socio-Environmental System of Sandy Anthropogenic Shores in the Netherlands. Available at SSRN 4297865.

Bakhshianlamouki, E., Augustijn, E.W., Wijnberg, K., Voinov, A. and Brugnach, M., 2022. Building the socio-biophysical cognitive model of sandy anthropogenic shores (SAS) in the Netherlands. In NCK Days 2022.

Bakhshianlamouki, E., Masia, S., Karimi, P., van der Zaag, P., & Sušnik, J. (2020). A system dynamics model to quantify the impacts of restoration measures on the water-energy-food nexus in the Urmia lake Basin, Iran.  Science of The Total Environment ,  708 , 134874.

Janatian, N., Sadeghi, M., Sanaeinejad, S.H., Bakhshian, E., Farid, A., Hasheminia, S.M. and Ghazanfari, S., 2017. A statistical framework for estimating air temperature using MODIS land surface temperature data. International Journal of Climatology37(3), pp.1181-1194.

Kabiri-Samani, A.R., Bakhshian, E. and Chamani, M.R., 2017. Flow characteristics of grid drop-type dissipators. Flow measurement and instrumentation54, pp.298-306.


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