It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as an Assistant Professor of the DMB/DS group.  I am interested in the use of event-driven intelligent techniques such as process mining to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information compliance while keeping in view the normative auditing perspective. Privacy concerns have altered the course of data science research especially when it comes to private data such as patient records and import/export procedures. In this scenario, compliance with privacy policies becomes an absolute necessity. The problem necessitates the development of frameworks to automatize compliance checking to discover irregularities for timely remedial actions. I am open to collaboration on innovative ideas that are closely related to my area of expertise.

 Being the daughter of teachers, teaching is an inheritance for me. This inheritance makes me an enthusiastic teacher, who believes in interaction with students to foster their interest in the subject and bring the ideas onto them in their simplest form. I believe the concepts explained without real-world examples are difficult to grasp and hence hard to apply. Being an international student of UT in the year 2008, I understand the struggles and hesitation of international students in the Dutch education system. This understanding helps me to create a class environment suitable for the multi-national audience using my experience of teaching in the Netherlands and Pakistan.

 On the personal side, I am a friendly person who loves to talk about cooking, the kid's education, the Dutch school system, and the Dutch language. This introduction cannot be complete without mentioning the welcoming attitude towards me whether I worked as a master student, Postdoc researcher, or now as an Assistant professor.



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  • Syeda Sohail (2020-Present)
  • Hans Wenin(2015-Present)

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CREATE Bachelor:

  • Niels Bos
  • German Savchenko

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