Dr. Florence Metz is assistant professor of Governance Resilience at University of Twente with a background in political science and public policy (PhD). Her research is embedded in comparative public policy, investigating the policies that governments adopt and why they do so. More specifically, she is interested in long-term policy changes in sustainability transitions. She studies the politics of transitions by analyzing political actors and their interactions in policy processes. She has researched a variety of policy domains, including water, energy, land-use, agriculture and health as well as the cross-sectoral interdependencies. She combines qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to find new ways to quantify deeply qualitative concepts from the policy sciences. 

Metz has been involved in several international Swiss National Science Foundation projects, thereby conducting research in Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK, Madagascar, Laos and Myanmar. She is the co-applicant of a ZonMw-funded project about the role of science in the COVID-19 pandemic. Metz has published in the most prestigious international peer-reviewed journals in her field (e.g., American Journal of Political Science, Global Environmental Change, Policy Studies Journal) and is the author the book From Network Structure to Policy Design in Water Protection. She also published open access policy datasets, among others on energy policy discourses, water policy networks, or flood risk policies. In 2022, she won the Professor De Winter Award for her publication in the American Journal of Political Science. 

Beyond academia, Metz has been commissioned to draft policy reports and give presentations for the OECD, Dutch, French and German government agencies. She has acted as a spokesperson in media in response to winning a Science Magazine awarded contest for science communication.  

For further information, please visit: www.florencemetz.com


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  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

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