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About Me

Cornelise Vreman – de Olde studied Applied Physics at the University of Twente. Following her interest in learning and teaching, she then pursued a degree as a physics teacher. After teaching physics and computer applications for several years, she further developed her expertise on learning and teaching  with a PhD-project entitled 'Learning by designing assignments'. Since completing her PhD, she has been working at the Centre of Expertise in Learning & Teaching at the University of Twente as a  trainer and educational consultant. From 2010-2020 she was seconded to the faculty of Science & Technology, where she was involved in coaching lecturers during the University Teaching Qualification trajectory, giving educational advice regarding curriculum design, mentoring students and coordinating the module Preparation Bachelor Assignment (M11 CSE) and Models, Signals and System (M5,TN). She was an external member of the Board of Examiners for the educational programmes of Mechanical Engineering (until Jan 2019), Chemical Science & Engineering and Nanotechnology (until July 2020). 

In summer 2020, she has changed positions and started working as Process Facilitator to support teams in achieving their goals. Within Shaping 2030, she is now project lead Shaping Expert Group Innovation of Education. From February 2022 onwards, she was coordinator Educational Professional Development within CELT. 

From May 2023 onwards she's teacher within Advanced Technology and secretary of the Board of Examiners of Advanced Technology. 


Engineering & Materials Science
Deep Learning
Social Sciences
Learning Software


Publications & Presentations

  • C. Vreman – de Olde (2018). Shoot for the moon: Implementing the Personal Development Plan (PDP) and mentoring in the Honours Science Track. Poster and paper presented at the Exchange Market, RUG.


  • A. Valster, C. Vreman – de Olde (2018). A high school grade 7 for English might not be enough. Presentation at the NACV conference in Delft.


  • C. Vreman - de Olde, T. de Jong and H. Gijlers (2013). Learning by Designing Instruction in the Context of Simulation-based Inquiry Learning. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 16 (4) pp. 47-58.

  • N. Adrichem – Rotteveel, C. Vreman – de Olde (2011). The expert model: Workshop at the conference Excellence, Research & Development’ at the University of Leiden.


  • C. Vreman – de Olde (2006). Thesis: Look, experiment, design: Learning by designing instruction (2006). University of Twente. .


  • C. Vreman ‐ de Olde & T. de Jong (2006). Scaffolding learners in designing investigation assignments for a computer simulation. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 22 (1), 63-73.


  • C. Vreman ‐ de Olde & T. de Jong (2004). Student‐generated assignments about electrical circuits in a computer simulation. International Journal of Science Education, 26, (7).

  • Vreman - de Olde, C., & de Jong, A. J. M. (2003). Leren door het ontwerpen van opdrachten over elektrische schakelingen. Tijdschrift voor didactiek der B-wetenschappen, 105-120.


  • C. Vreman-de Olde, Fr. Daems (Ed.), R. Rymenans (Ed.), A.J.M. de Jong, G. Rogiest (Ed.) (2002). Leren door het ontwerpen van instructie in de elektrotechniek. Paper presented at Onderwijs Research Dagen.


  • C. Vreman - de Olde (1997). Slimbo's in het voortgezet onderwijs: onderzoek hoe scholen in Gelderland en Overijssel omgaan met hoogbegaafde leerlingen. Onderzoek voor de Universiteit Twente.


Vreman-de Olde, G. C. , Rouwenhorst, C. , Alers, J. C. , & van der Veen, J. T. (2020). E-learning on the lab with lab education software: Deeper learning & more efficiency? In B. V. Nagy, M. Murphy, H.-M. Jarvinen, & A. Kalman (Eds.), Varietas delectat... Complexity is the new normality: SEFI 47th Annual Conference Proceedings (pp. 1261-1270). Societe Europeenne pour la Formation des Ingenieurs (SEFI).

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