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My work is focused on group interaction with a virtual coaching team for older adults regarding their health and well-being. During this work I try to investigate how to make the group dynamic and conversational content such that interacting with the virtual coaching team is engaging, fun, and persuasive, and that the virtual coaching team comes off as a capable coaching team that people can trust.


Engineering & Materials Science
Intelligent Virtual Agents
Multi Agent Systems
Social Sciences


My current research interest is the multiparty interaction between several Embodied Conversational Coaches and older adults in a lifestyle coaching setting. I wonder what the possible advantages and disadvantages of a multiple coaches approach as compared to a single coach approach are. This involves questions about many subjects such as, for example, realism of the interactions in the group, group pressure, group dynamics, trust, roles of the coaches, and presentation of differing perspectives and opinions.


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Huizing, G. H. , Klaassen, R. , & Heylen, D. K. J. (2019). Designing and Developing Lifelike, Engaging Lifestyle Coaching Agents and Scenarios for Multiparty Coaching Interaction. Paper presented at 2018 AAMAS Workshop on Intelligent Conversation Agents in Home and Geriatric Care Applications, ICAHGCA 2018, Stockholm, Sweden. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2338/paper3.pdf


I have worked on helping to organise the course Conversational Agents, and will be guiding students that help us work on the Council of Coaches project.

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I work within the Council of Coaches project. We aim to develop a platform with several embodied conversational lifestyle and health behaviour coaches to support older adults to live in greater health and maintain or improve their well-being.

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