Geert Dewulf is Chief Development Officer of the University of Twente. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente between 2013 and 2020.

He is Professor of Civil Engineering.  

In 2012-2013, he was the UPS Foundation Visiting Professor and Visiting Fellow in 2013-2019 at Stanford University. Before he joined Twente University, he worked at TNO and Delft University of Technology. He holds a PhD from the University of Utrecht. He was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University in 1990-1991 and the GEAN Visiting Professor at IIT-Madras in 2016.


  • Social Sciences

    • Project
    • Process
    • Approach
    • Case Studies
    • Dutch
    • Organizations
    • Construction
    • Management


Ancillary activities

  • Foundation SolarTEam TwenteChair Board Solar TEam TWente

Geert Dewulf has written numerous publications on Public-Private Partnerships and Engineering Project Management. 


Selection of past and current project:

US National Science Foundation: (Stanford, VTT) Toward an Integrated, Lifecycle Governance Framework for Delivering Civil Infrastructure Systems

EU Grant Horizon 2020 (PI) Business models for enhancing funding and enabling financing for infrastructure in transport (Benefit)

Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) Governance for smartening public-private partnerships (GoSmart3P)

NWO (National Science Foundation) ZKO project (lead investigator): Engaged Knowledge Development for Coastal Defense

NWO DBR project (lead investigator): Impact of Climate Change on Maintenance Engineering 

STW Perspectief: Integral and Sustainable multifunctional Flood Design 

EU Cost Program PPP in Transport 

NWO Nicis (lead investigator): Redevelopment and Cultural Heritage

NWO/Prorail: Asset Management in Rail Infrastructure

EU Eranet: Sabaris (lead investigator). Stakeholder Management in Road Infrastructure Projects



Research profiles

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