dr. G.P.R. Lajoinie (Guillaume)

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After performing a master thesis in the Biomedical Photonic Imaging Group (BMPI) of the University of Twente, I graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2011. I then came back to the university of Twente to fulfill a PhD in the Physics Of Fluids Group, under the supervision of prof. Michel Versluis, on ultrasound contrast agents and graduated in 2015. I am now a assistant professor in the Physics Of Fluids Group, working on ultrasound, microscale fluid dynamics, bubble physics, and deep learning for ultrasound super-resolution contrast agents. 


Pharmaceutical Preparations


My research interests include a broad array of microscale phenomena, in particular these that can lead to the generation of contrast for ultrasound and photoacoustics. Such phenomena often involve cavitation, phase change and heat and mass transfer. I also have a keen interest in therapeutic applications of microbubbles for sonoporation, sonoprinting and gene therapy. Studying microscale physics also requires a precise control of the particles properties, and in particular their size. Part of my research activities therefore focuses on production methods and precise control of agents created using microfluidics. High-speed imaging is a critical tool in such studies and allows for the direct visualization of the response of the contrast agents. The recent arrival of ultrafast plane-wave ultrasound technology combined with monodisperse microbubbles opens new possibilities for highly controlled and localized drug delivery and greatly improved diagnostics for personalized medicine.



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For the past 6 years, I am involved in teaching medical acoustics to master students with Prof. Michel Versluis. I have also supervised several bachelor thesis students and 9 master thesis students.

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The research projects in which I am involved revolve around the idea of using microscale physics in order to generate contrast or induce therapy down to the single cell level. These mechanisms involve in particular phase change, microbubbles resonance and controlled production of complex particles.

Recently, I have focused on the use of these physical mechanisms combined with deep-learning for super-resolution ultrasound imaging.

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