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Herman ten Kate (Dutch, born in 1955) is, since August 2021, Professor Emeritus at the University of Twente where he was trained, and started his scientific carrier in 1980; since 1997 occupying the chair for Industrial Applications of Superconductivity.

In addition he worked from 1996 until retirement in April 2020 as Magnet System Project Leader of the ATLAS Experiment at CERN-Genève, comprising the world’s largest operational superconducting magnet of three huge toroids and a solenoid. With his team he supported other detector magnet developments with coordinated R&D for proposed particle physics experiments. He continued his work at CERN as honorable member of the Experimental Physics Department.



Engineering & Materials Science
Accelerator Magnets
Critical Currents
Magnetic Fields
Superconducting Magnets
Superconducting Materials


Expert on superconductor and superconductivity applications, in particular super-conducting magnet systems with more than 40 years of professional experience. 


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ten Kate, H. H. J. , den Ouden, A., & Schoerling, D. (2019). The UT-CERN Cos-theta LHC-Type Nb3Sn Dipole Magnet. In D. Schoerling, & A. V. Zlobin (Eds.), Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets: Designs, Technologies and Performance (pp. 105-132). (Particle Acceleration and Detection). Springer Nature Switzerland AG. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-16118-7_5
Bergen, A., Andersen, R., Bauer, M., Boy, H. , Ter Brake, M., Brutsaert, P., Bührer, C. , Dhallé, M., Hansen, J. , Ten Kate, H., Kellers, J., Krause, J. , Krooshoop, E., Kruse, C., Kylling, H., Pilas, M., Pütz, H., Rebsdorf, A., Reckhard, M. , ... Yagotyntsev, K. (2019). Design and in-field testing of the world's first ReBCO rotor for a 3.6 MW wind generator. Superconductor science and technology, 32(12), [125006]. https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6668/ab48d6
Gao, P. , Dhallé, M., Van Nugteren, B. , Norder, H., Kario, A. , Otten, S., Goldacker, W. , Van Nugteren, J., Kirby, G., De Rijk, G., Bottura, L., Rossi, L. , & Ten Kate, H. H. J. (2019). Inter-strand resistance and AC loss in resin-filler impregnated ReBCO Roebel cables. Superconductor science and technology, 32(12), [ab4665]. https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6668/ab4665

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- MSc course on Applications of Superconductivity

- Guest lecturer for MSc course Cryogenics Science and Technology

- Supervisor PhD students at University of Twente, CERN and various other institutes

- Supervisor of Traineeships related to superconductivity

- Course Superconducting Particle Detector Magnets at ESIPAP School

- Regular guest lecturer at CERN Accelerator Schools

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