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Henrike Heunie (Fitschen) is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Twente, specializing in negotiations and teaching negotiation courses. She investigates how skills education and teaching methods can be improved with novel high-tech teaching approaches through recordings and reflection processes to provide students and professionals from different disciplines with professional competencies.






Her Ph.D. research focuses on the conceptualization of strategic adaptability in business negotiations and the testing of teaching methods. Her research interests primarily center on negotiation strategy, processes, individual factors, and skills education.

Henrike collaborates with the departments of High-tech Business & Entrepreneurship, Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety, and Professional Learning & Technology. She has shared her research findings at international conferences and is a board member of the Negotiation Academic Society.

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Henrike is teaching students at the Honours program Great Negotiators, giving a negotiation workshop in the Supply Management course, and is a guest lecturer at the Negotiation Project Twente (NPT). She is teaching students how to prepare for negotiation and how to use different strategies within any given circumstance, being able to make decisions based on a proper strategy, as well as being able to shift to a different strategy in the course of events. Students get acquainted with strategies to improve individual, joint, and relationship outcomes. Furthermore, they learn about the influence of different personality traits, psychological processes, diverse cultural environments, and how to work across diverse professional backgrounds.

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