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University College Twente (UCT) ATLAS is a vibrant innovative and inspiring college, with excellent staff at the heart of the University of Twente Campus. I am head of Academic Development and UCT's Advanced (International) Teaching & Academic Development Qualification for UCT faculty and UT faculty. Besides my experience with curriculum innovation, strategizing, internationalization, research-informed teaching and design-based-research (DBR), I am an internationally established scholar and expert on business diplomacy, the intersection of international business and international relations, corporate governance & ethics. 


Business & Economics
Electronic Human Resource Management
Exploratory Study
Governmental Organization
Social Sciences
Multinational Corporation


My research and expertise focuses on the intersection of international business & international relations and on corporate governance & ethics. I've published extensively on topics such as (international) business diplomacy and on commercial diplomacy. My current research work looks through an ethical/moral and even theological lens to corporate governance, international business and international relations. 

In earlier stages of my academic career I worked on technology & human resource management and global talent management.


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Other Contributions

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