Hatice holds a Ph.D from the Newcastle Business School. Her research has investigated immigrants’ consumer behaviour and their acculturation trends. Her current research interests focus primarily on digital, social media marketing and a special interest in AI and customer experience. She has worked at the Swansea University and University of Bradford, UK.

Hatice has published articles in leading academic journals including Journal of Business Research, Information Systems Frontiers, Technology and Forecasting, International Marketing Review, International Journal of Information Management, Production Planning and Control, Government Information Quarterly, Information Technology and People, Annals of Operations and has presented her research in some of the prominent international conferences of marketing.

She is the Co-editor of the book “Advances in Theory and Practice of Digital Marketing”, Springer Publications. In addition she has co-edited special issues published by Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Consumer Behaviour and is the current co-editor for special issues in International Journal of Information Management. Hatice holds the position of Deputy Chair at Academy of Marketing Special Interest Group: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics https://www.academyofmarketing.org/sigs/digital-marketing-sig/. Hatice is an Editorial Review Board Member with International Journal of Information Management and serves as an external examiner at the Norwich Business School (NBS), University of east Anglia.

Hatice was recently appointed to the Board of Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF) designed to address financial and social exclusion, financial inequality and eradicate poverty. Hatice will be focusing on the inspriring Woman Entrepreneurship Programme. ACF has been selected as one of the organisations for Liber Project 2021 by the Said Business School, University of Oxford.


  • Psychology

    • Acculturation
    • Research
    • Intention
  • Social Sciences

    • Consumers
    • Perspective
  • Computer Science

    • Roles
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Social Media



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