dr. H.T.M. van den Ende (Dirk)

Guest Associate Professor

About Me

I am active in the PCF group, at the faculty of science and engineering. After my training in experimental physics at the university of Nijmegen, I graduated in 1982, also in Nijmegen on my thesis on reactive scattering with state selective molecular beams. After some years in research with Océ van der Grinten in Venlo, I am working since 1987 at the university of Twente, in the area of rheology, soft matter physics and microfluidics. 


Engineering & Materials Science
Atomic Force Microscopy
Surface Charge
Atomic Force Microscopy
Physics & Astronomy
Atomic Force Microscopy


Wu, H. , van den Ende, D., Zhou, G. , & Mugele, F. (2019). HARVESTING ENERGY FROM WATER DROPLET BASED ON CHARGE TRAPPING AT HYDROPHOBIC POLYMER SURFACES. Poster session presented at Droplets 2019, Durham, United Kingdom.
Kumar, S. , van den Ende, D. , Sîretanu, I. , & Mugele, F. (2019). Silica Vs Calcite – A DLVO story. Poster session presented at Dutch SPM Day 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Zhang, Q. , Mugele, F. , van den Ende, D. , & Lugt, P. M. (2019). A capillary-based model system for hydrodynamic spreading in porous media. Poster session presented at JMBC Burgers Symposium 2019, Lunteren, Netherlands.
Sîretanu, I. , Klaassen, A. H. , Ebeling, D., Andersson, M. P. , Liu, F. , van den Ende, H. T. M. , & Mugele, F. G. (2018). High resolution AFM imaging of ion adsorption and charge distribution at heterogeneous clay mineral-liquid interfaces. Poster session presented at Water and Aqueous Solutions: Gordon Research Conference 2018, Holderness, New Hampshire, United States.
Dey, R. , Baratian, D., Hoek, H. , van den Ende, D. , & Mugele, F. G. (2018). Breath figures under electrowetting. Abstract from Electrowetting Conference 2018, Enschede, Netherlands.

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University of Twente
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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