I am currently a postdoc researcher in the Neuromechanical Modeling and Engineering Lab at the Biomechanical department. I got my PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Cleveland State Univerisity (US) at 2020; M.S degree in Aeronautics Engineering from Beihang University (China) at 2015; B.S degree in Aeronautics Engineering from Civil Avation University of China at 2012. I also did a research intern at the Robot and Automation Lab in Tsinghua University (China) from 2015 to 2016.

During my PhD study, I identified human motion controllers from only the kniematics data and applied the identified foot placement controller on a powered exoskeleton. In this postdoc position, I will develop real-time neuromusculoskeletal models, including CPG/reflex/synergy control, Hill-type muscle models, and human dynamic models, to control assistive devices, such as exoskeletons and prostheses. 

My research interests are in exoskeleton control based on real-time biomechanical models. I would like to develop exoskeleton control systems that is smart enough in terms of providing assistants and is able to sense the status of human body, such as the joint torques, muscle forces, and etc. 

Beside research, I am interested in smart electronics, such as smart watches, VR systems, smart home solutions.... I play tabletennis and do boxing traning for exercise. I am also a stock buyer. 


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