In 2021, I have obtained my bachelors degree in Chemical Science & Engineering from the University of Twente. During my bachelor thesis, I worked on the fabrication of hot-pressed saloplastics from polyelectrolytes for anti-bacterial packaging applications, as part of the Molecular Nanofabrication (MNF) and Membrane Science and Technology (MST) research groups.

After the completion of my bachelors, I continued with my masters at the University of Twente, specializing in Chemical & Process Engineering. During my masters, I did my internship at Pentair X-Flow, where I worked on optimization and characterization of nanofiltration membranes at lab and pilot scale. Following my internship, I completed my studies with my master thesis titled "Selective calcium and lactose separation from sweet whey effluent by using polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membranes" as part of the Membrane Surface Science (MSuS) at the University  of Twente.

After the completion of my masters in October 2023, I continued working within MSuS as a PhD candidate, where I am working on Charge-Mosaic Nanofiltration membranes for organic micro-pollutant (OMPs) from surface and drinking water.

More about the project: Building charge-MOSAIC nanofiltration membranes for removing micro-pollutants from surface and drinking water | MOSAIC | Project | Fact sheet | HORIZON | CORDIS | European Commission (



University of Twente

Horst Complex (building no. 20), room ME346
De Horst 2
7522 LW Enschede

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