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Iddo is business director at the Digital Society Institute (DSI) of the University of Twente. He is also part of the core team of the Strategic Business Development department of the university.

Important research themes of the DSI research and innovation institute are data science & artificial intelligence, robotics, eHealth, cybersecurity, sensor networks and IoT, human-machine interaction and digital manufacturing. Realizing seamless digitization means that within all these themes technical groups (e.g. electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science) and groups from behavioral, management and social sciences (including business modeling, ethics, philosophy, legislation) work closely together in both development of new digital technologies and research on their application and adopting, so that they are perceived as a natural part of our environment and our society. As a member of the management team of the university-wide programs Human-centered Robotics, Embedded AI and Smart Industry, many of Iddo's activities take place at the intersection of technology-ELSE-innovation to embed digital technology in society and to create social and economic impact.    

Iddo was involved in the start-up of a high number of high-tech companies. He is Management Team member of the pan-European networks of Digital Innovation Hubs DIH-HERO (healthcare robotics) and DIH RIMA (robotics for inspection and maintenance), member of the General Assembly of the European PPPs EIT Digital, ARTEMIS-IA and BDVA/DAIRO. He is also closely involved in the recently nominated European Digital Innovation Hub EDIH BOOST Robotics East Netherlands (SME support with a focus on Robotics, Embedded Artificial Intelligence and digitization applied in the healthcare, agri-food and production domains). In addition to his main job, Iddo was business director at DesignLab Twente, a creative and multidisciplinary ecosystem that connects science and society through design. As one of the initiators of EIT Digital, with co-locations across Europe, he was responsible for setting up and executing the New Business Creation action line: an integrated set of activities to support entrepreneurs in commercializing their innovative ideas.

Prior to these positions, Iddo was business director at the University's Institute for Biomedical Technology (nowadays TechMed Center Twente). During this period, he coordinated various European research networks with participants from universities, industry and healthcare providers. He also worked at the Dutch multinational company DSM, first as leader of the agrobiotechnology research group and later as manager of market research & business development in the field of fine chemicals. His MSc graduation work resulted in an approved patent application by the Unilever Research Laboratory.

Please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/bante for more information. 

Ancillary Activities

  • EIT Digital
    Member Supervisory Board EIT Digital

UT Research Information System


(1) MT member European project DIH-HERO: European network of Digital Innovation Hubs 'Healthcare Robotics': https://dih-hero.eu/ 
(2) MT-member European project DIH RIMA: European network of Digital Innovation Hubs Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance': https://rimanetwork.eu/ 

(3) Task Lead in the European project Adra-e: AI-Data-Robotics-Association ecosystem: https://adra-e.eu/  
(4) Involved in the 'Internationalisation' Task of the European Digital Innovation Hub EDIH BOOST Robotics East Netherlands: https://thinkeast.nl/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/20210126_pitch-edih-boost-robotics-east-netherlands-.pdf 
(5) Member of the Technology Transfer Committee of the European project TERRINet (The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network): https://www.terrinet.eu/ 
(6) Advisory Board member European project BOWI (Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs in Europe): https://bowi-network.eu/about-us/ 

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