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Ilona Friso-van den Bos works as an assistant professor at Educational Science and ELAN. Her research focuses on the use of Virtual Reality in education. One of her projects targets the affordances of Virtual Reality applications to facilitate Situation Awareness of vocational engineering students. In this research project, funded by NRO, she is designing a Virtual Reality training as well as assessment techniques and teacher- and student manuals for a Situation Awareness training programme. Previously, she worked on projects targeting the development, facilitation, and assessment of number sense and mathematical skills from kindergarten to vocational education. In these studies, working memory resources played a fundamental role.


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I am a researcher interested in cognition and how learners with various cognitive profiles perform differently in academic tasks. In previous projects, I have used constructs such as working memory, attention and situation awareness to determine cognitive/task performance and profiles. I now aim to to apply this to technology-assisted learning and teaching, with the following research interests:

  • The use of VR, AR, and other technologies in education: how and under what conditions can they facilitate learners’ skills? I aim to gain an understanding of the range of skills that can be facilitated by various technologies such as Virtual Reality.
  • Learner’s cognitive profiles and how they may explain any differences in performance, interaction with technology, and observed learning effects.
  • How said educational technologies can support teaching, not only by integrated use in educational programmes, but also by helping educators with educational tasks such as identifying instructional needs of learners, setting goals, and providing feedback based on use of and performance within technologies and their cognitive profiles. What are the advantages? The disadvantages? The obstacles?

In the study Connecting the dots: Task-oriented Virtual Reality for the training of situational awareness in secondary vocational engineering education, I developed a Virtual Reality training programme in which Situation Awareness of vocational engineering students focusing on road construction is trained and assessed. Also see: https://www.utwente.nl/en/connectingthedots/


Xenidou-Dervou, I., Simsek, E. , Friso - van den Bos, I., van der Schoot, M., Rashid, S., Trundley, R., & van Lieshout, E. C. D. M. (2023). The Effect of Problem Format on Children’s Arithmetic Performance. Abstract from 20th Biennial EARLI Conference 2023, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Friso - van den Bos, I. , & Kollöffel, B. (2022). This is how we roll: Testing and training Situation Awareness in roller operator students using Virtual Reality. Abstract from 11th EARLI SIG14 Learning and Professional Development Conference 2022, Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Xenidou-Dervou, I., Simsek, E., Van Luit, J. E. H., Kroesbergen, E. , Friso - van den Bos, I., van der Schoot, M., & van Lieshout, E. C. D. M. (2021). The Effect of Problem Format on Second Grade Children’s Arithmetic Problem-Solving Performance. In EARLI2021 Online Book of Abstracts (pp. 287-288) http://earli.org/sites/default/files/2021-10/EARLI2021-BOOK-OF-ABSTRACTS.pdf
van de Weijer-Bergsma, E. , & Friso - van den Bos, I. (2021). Werkgeheugen en afleiders in de klas. Tijdschrift voor remedial teaching, 29(3), 14-17.

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I am a teacher in various courses of the MSc Educational Science & Technology programme as well as the accompanying premaster's programme. My focus is on the teaching of academic skills such as writing academic articles, which is a large part of the course Research Studio in the premaster's programme, and of the Final Project. In addition, I am a teacher in the course Trending Topics, in which contemporary developments in educational sciences are presented. My focus in this course is on Virtual Reality for training and assessing Situation Awareness.

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