My name is Inna Gitman, and I am a professor of Computational Design of Structural Materials.


I graduated from Perm State Technical University (Russia) in 2002, where I studied Mathematical Modelling of Systems and Processes. In 2006, I was awarded my PhD degree in Computational Mechanics from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands). Following postdoctoral positions at the University of Manchester and the University of Sheffield, I joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in 2009 and was promoted to an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in 2018. In 2022, I joined the University of Twente as a full professor of Computational Design of Structural Materials.


My main research interests are in the modelling of solid and bio-materials. My work is mostly computational. If I were to describe my research in one sentence, it would be “understanding, controlling and optimising the behaviour of a material by understanding, controlling and optimising its micro-structure”.

I also love uncertainty: realising that in the world around us most natural and man-made materials are far from being strictly deterministic and ordered, in my research I aim to incorporate this disorder and stochasticity into our models.

I work within a range of applications from man-made materials, such as concrete, composites and metals, to bio-materials, such as bones and teeth. 

My two main research themes are:

Mechanics of Materials

  • Modelling material behaviour within a multi-scale modelling framework using concepts of homogenisation and Representative Volume Element.
  • Development and implementation of microstructurally-driven gradient-enriched continuum theories.
  • Modelling wave propagation through materials with periodic and random microstructure.

Computational analysis

  • Finite Element analysis within frameworks of multi-scale modelling and gradient-enriched continua.
  • Statistical analysis and stochastic characterisation of materials, fuzzy sets models and stochastic stability analysis.


  • Physics

    • Gradients
    • Model
    • Elasticity
    • Independent Variables
    • Volume
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

    • Gradient
    • Parameter
  • Engineering

    • Models


Ancillary activities

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Sheffield, UKVisiting Professor



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