Microscopes are great tools to investigate living cells. However, when the cell is embedded deep inside biological material (such as tumor tissue, or brain tissue), high-resolution imaging is not possible: the surrounding material is simply not transparent enough. 

Is is my mission to develop a new approach to microscopy that allows researchers to look right through non-transparent layers of tissue. In order to achieve this, we use wavefront shaping, a technique developed in 2007 at the University of Twente by Allard Mosk and me. This technique allows one to focus light right through non-transparent materials.

From our first proof-of-concept experiment to a usable microscope is a long way to go. We have found that reaching our goal requires more than good physics and optics; we are integrating elements from information theory, quantum mechanics, mathematics and electrical engineering in our research to keep pushing forward. We work together closely with end users of microscopes to make sure our microscopes are optimally geared towards solving fundamental questions in the life sciences.

As part of understanding light propagation in biological tissue, we developed the open source tool WAVESIM for simulating light propagation in very large structures. WAVESIM is currently worlds fastest and most accurate grid-based Maxwell solver available, outperforming common methods like FDTD by orders of magnitude in speed and accuracy. 

More information about my research can be found here.


  • Physics

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    • Media
    • Focusing
    • Foci
    • Line of Sight
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