I am Ida Noemi Uva, a Mechanical Engineer with a background in the automotive sector.

I was born and raised in Naples, Italy, where I pursued my BSc and MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II.

I have always been a curious and proactive person, and this my curiosity to understand how works everything around me has pushed me to choose engineering studies.

During my academic career, I approached the Vehicle Dynamics field with a specific focus on the tyre and any phenomenon related to it.

After working for two years in a automotive company, I have started a PDEng at the University of Twente.

My research will focus on software development to estimate the Pavement Vehicle Interaction (PVI) effects on vehicle fuel consumption to improve the understanding and modelling of the role of the road pavements on additional vehicle fuel consumptions due to the Rolling Resistance (RR).

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