My name is Jose Alfredo Alvarez-Chavez, from Mexico city. I am an assistant professor at the Optical Sciences group in the TNW faculty.

I have work experience in Industry as a Photonics design engineer in the USA at Xtera Communications developing Raman fiber amplifiers for ultra-long haul telecommunication systems; in the UK at Southampton Photonics developing pulsed fiber lasers for material processing. In Mexico, as an outside plant engineer, for the two largest telecom companies in the country designing the country’s main optical fiber infrastructure.

My education consists of a BEng in electro-mechanics, a MSc in telecommunications in non-linear fiber optics and a PhD in the field of Ytterbium-doped high-power fiber lasers, with several world records at the time.


  • Chemistry

    • Glass Fiber
    • Fiber
  • Physics

    • Cores
    • Temperature
    • Fiber Laser
    • Amplifier
    • Responses
  • Engineering

    • Sensor



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