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Lasers and bubbles: Thermocavitation for needle-free jet injections. University of Twente. Schoppink, J. nano-lithographic tools for shell-isolated nanoparticle enhanced Raman spectroscopy substratesNanoscale (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Srivastava, K., Jacobs, T. S., Ostendorp, S., Jonker, D., Brzesowsky, F. A., Susarrey-Arce, A., Gardeniers, H., Wilde, G., Weckhuysen, B. M., van den Berg, A., van der Stam, W. & Odijk, M. Sensing with Spatially Patterned Pt Octahedra ElectrodesAdvanced Materials Technologies, 9(5), Article 2300878. Jonker, D., Eyovge, C., Berenschot, E., Di Palma, V., Wasserberg, D., Michel-Souzy, S., Jonkheijm, P., Krol, S., Gardeniers, H., Creatore, M., Tas, N. & Susarrey-Arce, A. and membranes: Electrolysis at the mesoscale. University of Twente. Raman, A. Formation in a Zero‐Gap Flow Cell and the Role of TiO2/Ti ElectrocatalystsChemPlusChem, Article e202300763 (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Englezos, C., Raman, A., Jonker, D., Ramos, N., Altomare, M., Gardeniers, H. & Susarrey-Arce, A. topographies promote macrophage M2d-Subset differentiationMaterials Today Bio, 24, Article 100897. Carrara, S. C., Davila-Lezama, A., Cabriel, C., Berenschot, E. J. W., Krol, S., Gardeniers, J. G. E., Izeddin, I., Kolmar, H. & Susarrey-Arce, A. manufacturing of 3D yttria-stabilized zirconia microarchitecturesMaterials and Design, 238, Article 112701. Winczewski, J. P., Zeiler, S., Gabel, S., Maestre, D., Merle, B., Gardeniers, J. G. E. & Susarrey Arce, A. oxidation under solar light using Fe-BiOBr as a mild Photo-Fenton catalystJournal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 446, Article 115124. Ramos-Delgado, N. A., Pino-Sandoval, D. A., López-Velázquez, K., Englezos, C., Villanueva-Rodríguez, M., Gracia-Pinilla, M. A., Boscher, N. D., Gardeniers, H. J. G. E. & Susarrey-Arce, A.
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