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Jeannette Hofmeijer studied Medicine and Philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen. She received her master’s degree in Medicine cum laude in 1998. She was trained as a neurologist and as intensive care physician at University Medical Center Utrecht. Meanwhile, she obtained a PhD at the Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy Group of Utrecht University on the topic of edema formation in cerebral ischemia (2007). Since 2008, she combines her work as a vascular neurologist in Rijnstate Hospital (Arnhem) with a research and teaching position at University of Twente. She was appointed professor of Translational Neurophysiology in 2019.

Research interests

Hofmeijer studies the effects of ischemia on the brain. Cerebral ischemia is of particular interest in patients with brain infarction or after cardiac arrest. These conditions are leading causes of disability, worldwide. Apart from acute reperfusion therapies, effective treatments to promote cerebral recovery are unavailable.

Hofmeijer exploits her dual position at hospital and UT to combine clinical with fundamental research on cerebral ischemia. She believes that the combination of systematic observation in patients and targeted experimentation holds strong potential to provide new, clinically relevant, pathophysiological insights, that assist in the development of novel diagnostics or treatments. For example, by combining clinical EEG registrations and experimental in vitro studies, her research group positioned synaptic failure as a key pathological mechanisms after cardiac arrest and brain infarction. Neuronal stimulation effectively improved neuronal recovery under experimental in vitro conditions and is currently investigated in phase 2 and 3 clinical trials in comatose patients after cardiac arrest.

Hofmeijer established the Dutch-Belgian TELSTAR consortium and is principle investigator of various state of the art multicenter clinical trials to test new treatments and diagnostics in comatose patients after cardiac arrest (amongst other www.telstartrial.nl, www.grecotrial.nl). Her research is supported by grants from ZonMW, NWO, Hartstichting, and Hersenstichting. She sits on national guideline committees for treatment of ischemic stroke and coma after cardiac arrest and chairs the jury of the two-yearly science award of the Netherlands Neurovascular Society.


Medicine & Life Sciences
Computed Tomography Angiography
Heart Arrest


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