Jurgen Futterer is full professor & Interventional-Radiologist at Radboudumc and full professor at the Robotics and Mechatronics group, University of Twente.

His role focuses on imaging techniques in cancer, image-guided interventions and robotics. With particular interest, he is implementing and performing oncological interventions with special focus on MR-guided interventions, such as MR-guidedcryosurgery (clinical), focal laser ablation (clinical), and focused ultrasound surgery (pre-clinical and clinical).

Dr Futterer qualified at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2001, and completed his PhD on MRI techniques in the localization and staging of prostate cancer in 2006. He was a radiology resident at the University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, in 2003, and completed a fellowship in interventional radiology/body MRI in 2009.

Dr Futterer has published extensively on MRI in prostate cancer in various journals and books chapters. He has also introduced a robotic device for MRI-guided biopsy of the prostate, which has been established as a novel prostate intervention.


  • Medicine and Dentistry

    • Patient
    • Biopsy
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    • Prostate Biopsy
    • Systematic Review
  • Nursing and Health Professions

    • Irreversible Electroporation
    • Needle


Ancillary activities

  • RadboudumcInterventieradioloog


Recent Developments in Speeding up Prostate MRIJournal of magnetic resonance imaging (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Mir, N., Fransen, S. J., Wolterink, J. M., Fütterer, J. J. & Simonis, F. F. J.https://doi.org/10.1002/jmri.29108The Effect of Partial Electrical Insulation of the Tip and Active Needle Length of Monopolar Irreversible Electroporation Electrodes on the Electric Field Line Pattern and Temperature Gradient to Improve Treatment ControlCancers, 15(17), Article 4280. Hogenes, A. M., Slump, C. H., te Riet o.g. Scholten, G. A., Stommel, M. W. J., Fütterer, J. J. & Verdaasdonk, R. M.https://doi.org/10.3390/cancers15174280MRI-Guided Salvage Focal Cryoablation: A 10-Year Single-Center Experience in 114 Patients with Localized Recurrent Prostate CancerCancers, 15(16), Article 4093. Wimper, Y., Overduin, C. G., Sedelaar, J. P. M., Veltman, J., Jenniskens, S. F. M., Bomers, J. G. R. & Fütterer, J. J.https://doi.org/10.3390/cancers15164093Irreversible Electroporation: Maximizing Treatment Efficacy Through Optimization Strategies and Robotic Assistance. University of Twente. Wardhana, G.https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036556750The Influence of Irreversible Electroporation Parameters on the Size of the Ablation Zone and Thermal Effects: A Systematic ReviewTechnology in cancer research and treatment, 22. Hogenes, A. M., Overduin, C. G., Slump, C. H., van Laarhoven, C. J. H. M., Fütterer, J. J., ten Broek, R. P. G. & Stommel, M. W. J.https://doi.org/10.1177/15330338221125003

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