prof.dr. J.L. van den Berg (Hans)

Professor Traffic Engineering in Mobile Networks


Quality Of Service
Wireless Networks
Chemical Analysis
Long Term Evolution (Lte)


Smeitink, E., Herrebout, F., van Bussel, H., Nooren, P., Heijnen, P., Wijngaard, P., Wilkens, J., Kuipers, F., Heemstra de Groot, S., Smolders, B. , Heijenk, G. , van den Berg, H. L., & Zaalberg, J. (2021). Future Network Services: Communicatienetwerken voor en door Nederland. https://publications.tno.nl/publication/34638839/2xVZxj/TNO-2021-communicatienetwerken.pdf
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van Dam, T. J., Neumann, N. M. P., Phillipson, F. , & van den Berg, H. (2020). Hybrid Helmholtz machines: a gate-based quantum circuit implementation. Quantum Information Processing, 19(6), [174]. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11128-020-02660-2
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