I am Brazilian and I started working at the University of Twente in 2014 as a PhD researcher. Since 2020 I am Assistant Professor at the Semantics, Cybersecurity and Services (SCS) group. I have background in computer science, particularly software engineering, and my research targets the general problem of interoperability of information systems with emphasis on architecture of distributed systems for technical interoperability, and ontology engineering for semantic interoperability. My current research focuses on digital twins and explainable AI with support of ontologies and model-based system engineering. 

My PhD research (2014-2018) targeted artificial intelligence for system integration in smart emergency services that are supported by the Internet-of-Things technologies, within the context of disaster risk reduction for smart cities. I have been working in the application of the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) (meta)data principles in multiple contexts, such as for the reproducibility of scientific workflows (machine learning pipelines), which was the topic of my postdoctoral research at the VU Amsterdam (2018-2019). I am active in the participation and organization of conferences/workshops (e.g., FOIS, EDOC, RCIS, ISCRAM), project proposals and collaborations with both academia and industry. I also play the role of reviewer of academic work for journals, conferences, and workshops. I contribute to standardization initiatives, such as the European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI), with emphasis on the SAREF IoT ontology standard, as well as GO-FAIR and Research Data Alliance (RDA).

I hold computer science (BSc) and informatics (MSc) degrees from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has accumulated experience working in industry (2001-2014) as software developer, and enterprise architect. I have teaching and supervision experience (BSc, MSc, EngD and PhD levels) since 2008. I used to teach business intelligence and data warehousing, methods and tools for Extract, Transform and Loading (ETL). I used to give on-premise courses on software engineering topics, such as software design, programming, enterprise architecture and application lifecycle management. Currently, I am responsible for the master course on Architecture of Information Systems, and I participate in the Smart Industry Systems, Service-Oriented Architecture with Web Services, Model-Driven Engineering , and Enterprise Architecture courses. I am particularly interested in metascience; and research on constructivism and lifelong learning education.

Personally, I consider myself as a "family guy" I love to spend time with my children and my wife, as well as with relatives and friends. I am a sports' lover, I enjoy watching any type of sports, and I like to run, surf and play soccer. I like gardening and making (and eating!) food, particularly Brazilian-style barbecue with "picanha".


  • Computer Science

    • Ontology
    • Internet of Things
    • Semantics
    • Interoperability
    • Early Warning System
    • Conceptual Modeling
    • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
    • Workflows



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