dr. J.M. Schaumann (Janina)

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I am an Assistant Professor within the Faculty of Engineering Technology (ET) at the Department of Design, Production and Management (DPM) and the Research Chair of Product-Market Relations (PMR).

I have fortified my research profile through comprehensive study and research engagements at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN), Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Hochschule Bremen, and Lund University in Sweden, where I earned my doctoral degree in business administration. My dissertation work focused on a stakeholder-oriented approach to understanding brand equity, exploring how multinational corporations can foster brand equity by collaborating with diverse social, political, and business stakeholders.

Beyond academia, I have gained practical experience in Marketing and Brand Management roles across diverse industries. This included crafting effective marketing strategies for various B2B and B2C products, ranging from cosmetics and automotive to industrial valves and market research services.

My academic pursuits primarily revolve around the dynamic realm of marketing, encompassing areas such as brand management, international business, and consumer behavior. I also possess a keen focus on investigating the intricate interplay between multinational corporations and the markets they shape. Additionally, my research delves into the realm of stakeholder relationships, exploring engagement and collaborative dynamics.



Schaumann, J. M., Hegner, S., Varmaz, A., & Riebe, K. (2024). Conceptualizing and Measuring Financial Consumer Resilience. In ACR 2023 (pp. 44-47). (Advances in consumer research; Vol. 51).
Schaumann, J. M., Hegner, S., Varmaz, A., & Riebe, K. (2023). Conceptualizing and Meassuring Financial Consumer Resilience. Paper presented at Association of Consumer Research Conference, ACR 2023, Seattle, Washington, United States.
Schaumann, J., & Meißner, S. (2023). The St. Pauli Code: Stakeholder engagement and roles in maintaining cultural uniqueness in city branding. In 7th Annual Conference of the International Place Branding Association (IPBA): Place Branding in Times of Criswis and Uncertainty: October 18-20, 2023, Lund University, Campus Helsingborg, Sweden: Book of Abstracts (pp. 84-84). University of Lund. https://placebranding.org/conferences/
Rudeloff, C. , Schaumann, J. M., & Wiethe, L. (2022). Warum hören Menschen Podcasts? Forschungsstand und Forschungsperspektiven zu den Motiven der Podcast-Nutzung. In Podcasts: Perspektiven und Potenziale eines digitalen Mediums Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-38712-9_16

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Courses Academic Year  2022/2023


I am currently engaged in a research initiative in partnership with Hochschule Bremen, City University of Applied Sciences, aimed at delving into the financial resilience of consumers. This endeavor seeks to formulate a comprehensive framework that encompasses not only facets of financial knowledge but also psychological safeguards and risk factors contributing to consumers' financial resilience.

Additionally, I am conducting an experimental study in conjunction with Newport University and Washington State University in the USA, as well as Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Germany. This study is focused on examining consumer reactions to simulated online privacy breaches in both Germany and the USA.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, I am involved in a project centered around place branding. This project entails an exploration of the establishment of a place brand through the cooperative efforts of businesses, governmental entities, and civil society. The case study for this investigation revolves around St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany.

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