Hi, I am Jorien van Loon and I work as a Project Manager for H2020 projects.

I can help you with the following:

H2020 Day to Day Project management

  • Getting results
  • Deliverables & Periodic Reporting
  • Planning
  • Consortium Agreement
  • Dissemination
  • GDPR and Data Management
  • Ethics
  • IPR
  • Exploitation

In short: getting your project to run smoothly.

Project Management advice:

  • How to organize your project

  • Conflict resolution
  • Expectation Management

Tasks, milestones, deliverables

Project organisation

Communication processes

Quality control processes

Risk management

I am an EU-office contact person for:

  • H2020 Project Management

I have a background in Computer Science, Philosophy of Technology, Project and Process Management. I have been working in Project Management since 2008.

Donโ€™t hesitate to contact me, I am always happy to help!



University of Twente

Ravelijn (building no. 10), room 1438
Hallenweg 17
7522 NH Enschede

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University of Twente

Zilverling (building no. 11), room 1057
Hallenweg 19
7522 NH Enschede

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