As a biomedical microtechnologist, I am passionate about integrating promising upcoming micromaterials and (micro)technologies into the fields of medical biology, cell-based therapies and clinical diagnostics. After my PhD in Tissue Engineering at University of Twente, I performed postdocs at KU Leuven and Harvard-MIT, where I became subgroup leader, after which I accepted a Tenure track position at University of Twente. I have a Visible research track, strong expertise and experimental background in: I) tissue engineering, II) microfluidic technology, III) organs-on-a-chip, IV) (stem) cell biology; and V) biomimetic biomaterials. This has led to numerous papers in high-ranked journals including Cell Stem Cell, Nature Communications, Small, Advanced Functional Materials, and PNAS. I have had the honour to have been awarded with Veni, Vidi, and ERC Starting grants as well as multiple early career and presentation awards.  

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  • Medicine and Dentistry

    • Cartilage
    • Cells
    • Mesenchymal Stem Cell
    • Chondrocyte
    • Tissues
    • Osteoarthritis
  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology

    • Stem Cell
  • Chemistry

    • Microfluidics



Towards single-cell bioprinting: micropatterning tools for organ-on-chip developmentTrends in biotechnology, 42(6), 739-759 (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Bosmans, C., Ginés Rodriguez, N., Karperien, M., Malda, J., Moreira Teixeira, L., Levato, R. & Leijten, J. oxygenating colloidal bioink for the engineering of biomimetic tissue constructsBio-Design and Manufacturing, 7(3), 240-261 (Accepted/In press). Jeong, S. H., Hiemstra, J., Blokzijl, P. V., Damian-Ferrara, R., dos Santos, D. M., da Fonseca, J. H. L., Kang, M. H., Kim, J., Yilmaz-Aykut, D., Cham-Pérez, M. L. L., Leijten, J. & Shin, S. R. Altered Intracellular Molecular Crowding Drives Osteoarthritis PathologyAdvanced science, 11(11), Article 2306722. Govindaraj, K., Meteling, M., van Rooij, J., Becker, M., van Wijnen, A. J., van den Beucken, J. J. J. P., Ramos, Y. F. M., van Meurs, J., Post, J. N. & Leijten, J. production of 3D microtissues using novel microfluidic technologies. University of Twente. van Loo, S. R. Synthetic Erythrocytes as Next-Generation Blood SubstitutesAdvanced functional materials (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Gomes, F. L., Jeong, S. H., Shin, S. R., Leijten, J. & Jonkheijm, P. Self-Oxygenating Cardio-Protective and Tissue Adhesive Silk-Based Hydrogel for Alleviating Ischemia After Mi InjurySmall (Accepted/In press). Hassan, S., Rezaei, Z., Luna, E., Yilmaz-Aykut, D., Lee, M. C., Perea, A. M., Jamaiyar, A., Bassous, N., Hirano, M., Tourk, F. M., Choi, C., Becker, M., Yazdi, I., Fan, K., Avila-Ramirez, A. E., Ge, D., Abdi, R., Fisch, S., Leijten, J., … Shin, S. R.

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